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Full Version: [HMS] :: Q&A Thread
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What? That's ridiculous. They're not the same thing. If the blue one doesn't come around anywhere near as often then it's rarer. That logic makes no sense... Firstly all Dragoon MFs are rare. And expensive. Also demand doesn't affect rarity of a rare item... They're not related. Sigh...
Um what? Common things will not be near as much as rare objects. You're saying that a one of a kind shouldn't cost more than a common mass produced product? Whatever, you guys should take further conversations to pm.
Points taken, guys. I thank you for your sincere opinions. Which leads me to this, how much would a Red Dragoon MF cost? And when was the last time you saw it?
I believe that a fair price for a NIB Red Dragoon MF would be about... 70$. There is this person on eBay selling it for an insane price. I believe it is about... 180$ maybe more.
I really think that's too low. Especially for one of the rarest HMS. When have you ever seen a Dragoon MF go that low?
That is Definetly not one of the rarest HMS. If anything, it's semi-rare. Gold Shining God MS is one of the rarest HMS btw. 100$ at least for NIB Red Dragoon MF is a good price for Dragoon MF Red Ver. I saw a Red Dragoon MF go or 8,000 yen in Y!JA btw.
I was talking realistically. For common releases it is and it's a random booster prize so it's pretty much automatically rare.
Again, it is semi-rare. Shining God MS, Bloody Devil MS, Black Dranzer MF, etc. Let's take this to PM to discuss it.
Ah, now I see. I think I've the enough budget for the NIB Dragoon MF Fire Red. That really eases me a lot and there I was thinking it could have gone up to USD 200 or maybe higher. You know since we are talking about rare HMS Beyblades here, could you tell me what are the rare (hard to find) HMS Beyblades along with their prices? Honestly speaking both Shining God MS and Oceanking are very resourceful.

God MS: Can I know when was the last time you saw the Dragoon MF Fire Red in YJA?
Shining God MS- 120$ used if you're lucky. 200$ NIB.
Bloody Devil MS- usually same price as Shining God MS
Dragoon MS- 70$ mint, 100$ NIB if you're lucky
Dragoon MSUV-100$ mint, 150$ NIB if you're lucky

Hm, the last time I've seen a Red Dragoon MF on Y!JA, it was in May when this awesome seller was selling a lot of rare NIB stuff like Uriel 2.
The rarest are actually probably gold Shining God MS and gold Wyvern DJ. They can sell for several hundreds.
Have you forgotten of the Dark Bloody Devil MS ? I've never seen one for sale, I haven't even seen a picture of it !

I know that it can potentially go for at least 400$.
How do you even know it exists hah.
I saw the Recolors thread, and Uwiks post blew my mind, so yeah.
Are you referring to this post here:

Because he listed the normal colours so the "dark grey one" which I think you're referring to is just the normal version.
I was referring to the dark grey one, actually, thanks Oceanking !
You should stop referring to it since it's just a normal bloody devil ms.
That's not true... it was a 2nd place prize at a tournament hosted by Takara... same goes with Gold Shining God MS.
Where did you find out about that then?
I found out on some site, plus, it's logic, if it's on the recolor list, it's a recolor.
Uh despite uwik naming it recolours it has every hms colour on there. And bloody devil is already dark grey so have you got the site?
There is no mention of it on Beywiki though ...
Same with the Gold Shining God MS, there is no mention of it in Beywiki.
That is not true. There is no mention of the Yellow Shining God MS, but the gold one is mentioned, so the same thing goes for Bloody Devil MS.
Instead of arguing, let us just bring the man himself here. Let me contact Uwik.
Sounds good, PM me when you got him.