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Full Version: [HMS] :: Q&A Thread
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How rare and how much is the HMS Fukobako Box 2004(Dragoon, Gaia Dragoon, Driger Draciel, Einstein) worth?
That's a hard question to answer price wise. New in box ones never come around these days so basically rediculously rare. However beys in it are pretty carp. I mean the only thing is there's a chance you'll get a black Dragoon MS but I wouldn't risk it. The way they work is that you get two of those four beys. One from the rares and one from the other pool.

Einstein (Normal Green colour)
Einstein (Blue I think)

Driger MS (Red)
Gaia Dragoon MS (Black)
Draciel MS (Blue)
Dragoon MS (Black)

So as you can see it's pretty risky. And a massive fail if you end up paying a lot for it and get no Dragoon MS.

Hmm thanks. I have seen one for 4,500 yen, is that cheap, NIB wise?
Yeah I guess considering you literally won't find another one these days, but that's $57 before you've even factored in all the other costs that are involved with buying from YJA. It's gonna cost at least another $20 - $30 to get it to you. That's like $40 per beyblade. One of which will be an Einstein MS for certain! And then the other bey which is likely to be carp. That's why I didn't look twice at that when I saw it.
You don't need it. London is probably never going to have another HMS tourney so I suggest you buy plastics or MFB instead. The price in Serotonin's thread is easily worth it.
does anyone know what the cheapest hms is(other than gaia dragoon, driger and draciel)
Uh doesn't really work like that. I mean other HMS are hard to find. As such prices can vary. Either way those are the cheapest HMS you'll find.
Between Advance Balancer and Wolf Crusher, which AR would perform best on a Circle Wide + Bearing Core setup for Survival/Zombie purposes?
in theory it should be advanced balancer because of it's better dual spin capabilities and the little teeth like gear structures help it spin steal better. but i have no idea how it applies irl since i don't have a wolborg MS, although i have messed around with my advanced balancer to some degree of success in terms of spin stealing with what limited HMS parts i have
For spin-steal, Advance Balancer is more effective, similar to Survivor. However, in general as a survival AR, Wolf Crusher is very, very difficult to beat.

Your question would ask for Averazer's Balancer, but for survival assuming that it could be in the same spin direction too, Wolf Crusher is superior.

I'm speaking from my experiences before February 19th, 2012 haha.
Would an ice Blue Wolborg MS be good to battle, or is it too rare to use if it is mint?
Yes it is too rare to battle with.
Bout how much is it worth NIB?
Most HMS are too expensive to battle with anyway lol.

No clue on the price, sorry.
That may be a Q for Ultra. He's bound to give you an A once he comes on today.
(I <3 making Q&A jokes! Wink )
Dude IDK. Honestly find one before you ask that since they're pretty rare which is saying something in the world of HMS where pretty much everything is hard to find.
I found one.
You mean you found Alice's.

Anyway, they are pretty rare, even if it doesn't have the sticker sheet. It's easy to get a sticker sheet, not so easy to get the bey.

They are worth quite a bit.
Now that I have just bought and recieved Wolborg MS Ice Blue NIB for $50, should I open it?
Only so you can hold it. An unopened bey is pretty worthless IMO unless it's a spare or you're gonna sell it.
About how much is the HMS Random Booster Act 3 worth?
I saw it had some nice recolours.
Is there an HMS combo thread?
For Build Me A Combo! for HMS, use this thread. For Competitive Combos, go to the Customs forum and look under the important threads.
OK, I have Gaia Dragoon MS, Driger MS and Draciel MS All TT, I have all parts