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Full Version: North Carolina [USA] Tournament Discussion.
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(Jul. 22, 2013  6:00 PM)Primus Wrote: [ -> ]We really need to get the event approved/posted soon. What is the delay?

By the way, stormscorpio1 has excellent surprises in store for this tournament.
Surprises, that will be cool. Can't wait for this Saturday then.
I am going
I am coming
(Jul. 23, 2013  4:31 PM)FlashFireblaze Wrote: [ -> ]I am going

We've got quite a few people coming to this thing! Can't wait. Smile

EDIT: I've counted 16 so far
i am definitely coming sign me up
I may come. I am not sure
Hey all nc bladers who attended road to victory 3 even though it had already been processed it had to be unprocessed due too a blocker on a Maryland tournament holiday havoc witch is yet to have been processed so just be patient and it will be redone soon.
2 Days left,till the tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 17, 2013, is the tentative date for the next Raleigh, NC Beyblade tournament at Game Theory. Let's gather together for the final Raleigh, NC Beyblade event of the summer break.

1 Defstamina88
2 Dark_Mousy
3 stormcorpio1
4 Primus
5 theblackdragon
6 TigeroftheWest
7 Peregrine
8 BladerLight
9 ali naser
10 PegasesUnite
I will have actually been in school for about two weeks by then, but okay LOL. I'm in for now.
August 17th is our next event at GT. The 18th is a Sunday.
Confirm me, Tigerofthewest, and whatever my other brother's username is please! Smile Thanks!
I am coming

what stadium are you are going to use
I actually might be coming since I might be comimg to NC then, cant wait to meet everyome (and then beat them XD) what format will this be BTW?
(Jul. 31, 2013  1:29 AM)Shining God MS Wrote: [ -> ]I actually might be coming since I might be comimg to NC then, cant wait to meet everyome (and then beat them XD) what format will this be BTW?

Zero G using all 3 stadiums alternatong rounds.
Selling selling selling!! Smile

BBG-24 Attack and balance synchrom DX set - (X2) - $35
BBg-25 Defense and stamina synchrom DX set - (X2) - $30
Starter Scythe Kronos T125EDS - (X1) - $14

And, any of these items, but only by special request via PM by the 13th Smile

Quote:MSF Shinobi Saramanda SW145SD- (X3)- $9.50 - urgent
Samurai Ifraid W145CF- (X???)- $13
Samurai Pegasis W105R2F- (X1)- $23
Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF- (X1)- $23
Metal Stone Face Flame Red- (X???)- $9
Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F- (X???)- $13
BB-100 Random Booster vol. 6- Evil Befall UW145EWD- (X???)- $7.50
BB-123 Random Booster Vol. 9- Fusion Hades AD145SWD- (X???)- $9.50
BB-116 Random Booster Vol. 8- Jade Jupiter S130RB- (X???)- $10
BB-G 24 Ultimate synchrom DX set Attack and Balance- (X???)- $35
BB-G 25 Ultimate synchrome DX set Defense and Stamina- (X???)- $35 - urgent
Fang Leone 130W2D- (X???)- $11
Meteo L-Drago LW105LF- (X???)- $17
Variares DGrin- (X???)- $12
Scythe Kronos T125EDS- (X???)- $14
BBG-26 random booster vol. 8 Bandid Genbull F230TB- (X???)- $12

I have a source for these, but he sells to other people too, so the items that say urgent on them may be out of stock if you don't send the PM soon. Smile

EDIT: All 3 types of stadiums again? :\ I hope the stadium types won't have as much of an impact as last time.
confirm me, i'm pumped up for this tournament and I will bring my a game!
Put Bader_X and I as maybes Smile this will be my first tournament.
i am gonig
Is there anyone in Graham NC? There is interest for an event there.
I live near it
I hope nobody minds my asking, but is there an idea of when the event thread will be up?
stormscorpio1 only put the thread up Thursday, so just give it a little more time. Smile