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Full Version: North Carolina [USA] Tournament Discussion.
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(Feb. 22, 2014  10:53 PM)TheBlackDragon Wrote: [ -> ]FINALLY.

Someone posted here. I was worried I would have to double post...

I'm a very strong maybe. We have an ultimate frisbee thing that day for a group we're in, but my mom said I could probably skip it.

On another note, is there ANYONE who could make it the 1st? We're only at 6 people... we need 2 more.

I'm still a maybe because,if I were to go it's about a one hour trip for me, but a two hour trip for whoever takes me. So, I just need someone willing to do it or willing to stay.
Who's up for a tournament April 16th after the qualifier?

Standard/Limited format, yeah.

So? Who can come? If I host, we might do it outdoors if the weather looks nice. We'd also need stadiums.
I would come for Standard and possibly limited.
Alright. I'm thinking Rolseville Park, at the far back shelter where we had Gladiator's onslaught back in August. I'll work on a proposal soon if I can.

Want to get it up and advertise as much as possible to get a big turnout. I'll be promoting at the qualifier as well. Thunder, how many BB-10s could you bring? We'd need like 3.


Attendance list!


Thunder Dome

OP has been updated.
Confirm me for yhe park one as long as it does not get to cold.
Weather should be around 60-70, so it should be great. That's 4.
(Mar. 03, 2014  1:20 PM)TheBlackDragon Wrote: [ -> ]Who's up for a tournament April 16th after the qualifier?

Are you guys off from school that Wednesday?

It's the nineteenth. The OP has the correct information.
So Im off this Saturday, anyone feel a little old school in the wind? How about Goldsboro maybe?
I would come.
Would any of you be interested in a tournament in Wilmington NC USA we are trying to get a tournament on the last Saturday of April.
confirm me for April 12
confirm me for April 12
Yo if we do this I need a few more people.
I live in Greensboro Nc So any where there I might be able to Come so YEAH!!!
HOw would everyone feel about the last Saturday of April or first Saturday of May?
(Apr. 13, 2014  1:19 PM)Dark_Mousy Wrote: [ -> ]HOw would everyone feel about the last Saturday of April or first Saturday of May?
At where Raleigh or Goldsboro?
It would be in Raleigh. Now that I have a new car I can host again. Just gotta learn to drive stick shift. First attempt at driving stick shift ended up with me nearly running into the side of my house.
Hey can any NC Bladers come to VA for a Qualifer? As in Sterling, VA?
Yes, if it takes place I will come.
(Apr. 17, 2014  2:04 AM)BladerLight Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, if it takes place I will come.
Sounds good! It will be on the last Saturday of April in Algonkian Park.

EDIT: Will Pegesis Unite be coming?
So who wants to host Beydays?
I should be able to do it if I cant go to Canada, witch is looking to be the case.
I could to (like I did last year). I'm thinking Collin and I could host one together (if he wants), we could probably split up the responsibilities like we did in September which worked out.