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Full Version: North Carolina [USA] Tournament Discussion.
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Would the 21st be a better date for everyone for a tournament?
Still can't do more then one per month, so no...
... Anybody else?? C'mon, this'll be great!
the 14 would be better for us
I can't do the 14th due to some personal obligations. The 21st is a possibility for me personally. WHo could make it.
Tiger and I would be probable maybes.
How is everyone for this weekend at GT? Limited and Zero G.
Sign me up for both!
Sign me up for both!
TigeroftheWest and I are confirmed!
confirm me
Er... I don't think we're having it. :\ It's gonna be the 28th instead.

We don't have enough people. Unhappy
Due to work issues and lack of sleep everything is rescheduled for the 28th. If you can confirm now i can go ahead and get the thread up.
Let's get this thing rolling people! Are we having a tournament or not?


1. Dark_Mousy
2. TheBlackDragon
3. TigeroftheWest
4. Pegasesunite
5. Bladerlight



Confirm guys! We've got 4 days to get 8 people.
Sign me up for both!
Sign me up for both to
Dad's heading down to Greensboro this Saturday, so I could make it. Smile
This weekend would be Limited and Zero G. Who can make it? I wanna get this on.
2 more people! And Insomniac is coming again!

This'll be great! XD I'll be sure to bring food those time. Tongue_out
You can confirm me, sorry for short notice.
If we can get one more person we can potentially move forward with this.

I know its five months away, but would anyone be interested in traveling to Toronto for Anime North 2014? Just started looking at ticket prices and all for next year. If you might be interested just shoot me a message. I was thinking of driving or flying. Either or. Driving from Goldsboro to the actual tournament venue is around a 12 hour drive. If we had 3 adults who could drive we could drive non stop an make it there in a rather short time.
I need ot hear something from you guys now if we are goin ot do something or not. I have to work later today and wont have time to post a thread.
You can confirm me
So we have:
1. Dark_Mousy
2. TheBlackDragon
3. TigeroftheWest
4. Pegasesunite
5. Bladerlight
6. Thunder Dome
7. Blader Hope
8. Angry.
Let me contact GT see if they are open for a tourney. I think we hsould be good to go.

Just put in the proposal. Thread should be up later tonight. Around 1130pm. About to head into work.