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Full Version: North Carolina [USA] Tournament Discussion.
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Now that I'm back from my hiatus, I wanna say that I'd be more open for an early December tournament. No need to put one right before thanksgiving. Maybe people have plans for that. I'd say December 5th or 12th.
I can change my schedule for church now(Leadership can do that). But I need ageneral consensus who can or can't come. I can get Tier Zer0 in Goldsboro on Sunday for sure no problem.
I'm not going to any Teir Zero events.
@[Dark_Mousy] I unfortunately can't get to Goldsboro so if you'd like me to be there, which I would like to be it'll have to be that Sunday at either GT or some park in Raleigh.
Just a heads up to everyone: If anyone had my number I changed numbers yesterday. And i have no contacts right now.
Just gst giving everyone a heads up!!!

NOvember 21st or 22nd Game Theory Stand/Burst

December 12: Limited
@[Dark_Mousy] You know you want to make it the 22nd so I can be there.
I'm a possible, I'm already going out to TN om Nov 14th but I won't miss it if I can get off of work & I have gas $ at the time.

And Dec 12th should be a go for sure.
I would do the 21st, but definitely not the 22nd.
RIght now its looking more like the 21st for Nov. Due to my personal schedule.
Thread FOr Raleigh will be up tomorrow. Been a busy week for me. Had some house repairs that had to be done. But it looks like we are a go for Nov 21st
Any of ya'll down with a tournament Nov 28th up in MD? It'll be Burst, and there'll be prizes along with a "Black Friday Sale" of sorts with cheap Bursts. Grin
I would be a mayhbe for that. Who is down for next weekend?
I can most likely be there on the 21st. Smile
Due to lack of interest and some miscommuinication we are a go for the 12th at GT. Also we are doing a big Burst kickoff event in January. This one maybe at Kickin Kiwi.
The 12th of December? Sounds good to me!
I can make the 12th of December, what formats are we looking to play?
(Nov. 19, 2015  9:18 PM)Thunder Dome Wrote: [ -> ]I can make the 12th of December, what formats are we looking to play?

Im thinking limited. Something fun and something we haven't done in a while. Also major burst event in January.

And I can't say much about it right now. But something BIG is coming in 2016.
I'm down for December 12th, got off of work that day. Limited sounds good to me although i've never played. I'll need some bacon to fuel my beyspirit that morning Smile
We are officially on For December 19th and January 9th at GT. The 19th will be Limited. The 9th will be BURST
Oh boy, somebody better let me borrow on the 9th.
(Dec. 03, 2015  2:09 AM)DefStamina88 Wrote: [ -> ]Oh boy, somebody better let me borrow on the 9th.

I got you, boi! Do your research tho.
Anyone else who wants to borrow also for that matter.
Just submitted the proposal for the event. I can also sell some Burst at the 9th event if needed.
Are we doing a tournament on January 9th or no?
imma be bummed if nah

put some real time into that graphic doh