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Full Version: North Carolina [USA] Tournament Discussion.
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I'm down with standard afterward. Or zero-g, but it seems like more people want to play standard. Zero-G would probably be quicker tho.
ether one will do for me if it's zero g my sis probably spam out sa165 gcf XD
Well I was king of thinking separate of the burst tourament. Like a different day, but I guess it wouldnt hurt too bad to do them both on the same day, provided we focus and get through it all.
So what's happening with the 27th? Zach maybe you should just make the thread since Dark is MIA.
(Feb. 21, 2016  6:04 AM)Stormscorpio1 Wrote: [ -> ]So what's happening with the 27th? Zach maybe you should just make the thread since Dark is MIA.
So is this happening or no? @[ZachBob] @[Dark_Mousy]
The proposal is in. ily Dark_Mousy. Grin
I only hope it gets approved at least by Wendsday to get some notice of it.
Ill have all the info tomorrow. Ive been swamped with life the last week. Sorry guys
We are on for this weekend!!!. Who can come?
(Feb. 11, 2016  7:54 PM)ZachBob Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, here is everyone I know of that's coming. Dark could have more confirmed that I don't know about tho.

1. Dark_Mousy
2. Regina.Marie
3. Thunder Dome
4. Stormscorpio1
5. ZachBob
6. BeyBeard
7. DefStamina88

1.Titan Tite
2. ACG
This is who we have unless things have changed.
Sorry to double post, but is this still going on? It's supposed to happen tomorrow and we don't even have a time established.
Next time, can we get our tournament approved in advance? I totally missed the other one due to the fact it was posted the day before. I'd like to be able to prepare for the tournaments.
Any chance we could do it on March 18th? @[Dark_Mousy]
The 18ths a Friday, but I'm down for the 19th.
Oh, I just wanted to have something around that time because it will probably give us time to get a thread up and hopefully give players more notice about the event.
So any plans on a event soon, it seems like we're gonna end up with the same thing as last time if we don't make plans, or at least talk about an event.
I am back now guys. Im sorry for everything. If you have questions text or message me regarding what happened. April 9th at GT? IS that good for everyone else?
What format? But yeah I'm good for the 9th.
Anyone remember if I showed up at an event since I got my new HMS launcher and beys? I can't remember. If I had it was only once, but I don't think I have. :\
What are you saying?
The tentative plan is for the 9th. I will call GT on Monday and get it booked. As far as format goes Im feeling Burst or Standard. And maybe a plastic side event?
I'd rather play Burst if we're doing Plastics too, since Standard takes so long.
It will be burst and plastics. I will call tomorrow on my lunch break. I am on day shift tomorrow and Ill be back on Night shift the rest of the week just letting everyone know.
(Mar. 24, 2016  9:05 PM)Stormscorpio1 Wrote: [ -> ]What are you saying?

Meant Metal Fight, my bad ^~^; My new MF Launcher grip and beys.
So Howard, what's the deal with the 9th..? Is it still going to happen or has something come up?