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Country: United States Registration Date: Apr. 17, 2018

Hello! My name is Jo! Im 18 and Im a Huge fan of beyblade Metal fight and Burst. I found out about beyblade in 2011 and have been hooked ever since. My first 2 beyblades were Storm pegasus and Flame Libra. Libra is my favorite stock Metal fight Beyblade and Spriggan spread Fusion is my favorite stock Burst beyblade. I love to battle and Just play in general. Other hobbies that Im into are Combat Larping, Chess, Sparring on a Matt (I have vary minor Mia Tia Kickboxing training), Nerf guns, Video games such as Minecraft, rocket league and Fortnite. Im also into a few Anime (ATLA, Fate/zero, Fate/Stay night : UBW, Fate/Aporcypha, Attack on titan, Beyblade burst, FMA:brotherhood, and Made in abyss. Other shows Im into are The walking dead, Stranger things, The flash and more! I love just hanging out and talking about shows and playing in general. I would consider myself a playful person but I can also be vary shy/quiet if you ever meet me face to face! If you want to talk with me or know more Just PM me! Thanks for reading!

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