what is your favorite childhood toy?

Mine was an old hotwheels track made in the early 2000's
beyblades, to be more specific MFB beyblades
hmmmmm. i think it might have been the dj hero board
godzilla figures lmao
I collected a lot of the old Star Wars action figures when i was younger, specifically the Black Series figures as those were some of the more higher quality figures at the time. I still collect them every now and then but i haven't been as consistent collecting them as my liking to Star Wars has kinda dwindled in the past year or so.
(Apr. 26, 2022  12:25 AM)eggblader Wrote: hmmmmm. i think it might have been the dj hero board

I was a band hero player, i respect this answer.
Pokémon cards. I still collect them
either between beyblades or Godzilla figures
Ben 10 figs and Transformers.
almost forgot. MARIO KART TOYS!!!!
transformers figures were fun
i know FNAF has fallen out of style, but mine was my mega sized Freddy Fazbear plushie(i still have it to this day, and its been 5 years)
My fave toy was and still is, Legos. The amount of creativity and non-existent limits of them really got me into them at a very serious level. I have been making Lego Beyblades, and have made Infinite Achillies, then created and evolved my main Beyblade, (which matches my first letter in my name) Belepheron three times from the Sparking system to the DB system, then to a custom system, the Y tech system, using Lego.

My little brother has also made many Lego Beyblades, like Guilty Longinus, Rage Longinus(which was his main Beyblade before his new main Beyblade Supreme Xcalibur), and his own Beyblade using the Y tech system, called Supreme Xcalibur (which also matches his first letter in his name).

My second fave toy is Beyblades, Because why not? Smile
whats that