what is a good combo for variant lucifer (chasis only)

I want to know a good combo for it.
(Dec. 18, 2020  2:52 PM)T_T Wrote: I want to know a good combo for it.
Next time do this on build me a combo but here it is

World Spriggan 2D Mobius (Variant Lucifer driver and chassis)
If you have rise Driver use that instead of Mobius
Mirage Helios [MCC] 2D Zone+'
World Diabolos Rise 2D might work as well
World Spriggan/Diabolos Drift/Mobius/Xtend+/Bearing/Rise/Zone'+Z 2D
To sum things up 2D works well on Mirage and World for opposite spin equalization stamina combos and works well with high LAD drivers. Some things I want to see is how it does in attack vs attack cenarios for ring outs (it would have a wide reach like Lightning for early over finishes)
I use Mirage Diabolos Atomic 2D or Curse Lucifer Bearing 2D (this is just a "For Fun" combo)
So what's with people using Mirage on 2D?In theory, it seems good because you get aloooooot of rubber, but then you realize that the latter is much wider than the former even without the barrier.

So Mirage isn't going to make much contact, if any. World is a much better better choice because it allows dual spin.