umm... why do I have to do this?

Anyways, I have been in the WBO since June 29 last year. I wasn't bothered to do one, and my friend told me I had to do one just now. So yaaahhhh..... ????
I never introduced myself too.....anyways..welcome to WBO
Hi and a late Welcome!
You don't really have to do an introduction. Clearly, your friend is delusionnal.

Anyway, welcome Joyful_3
to tell the truth i also never introduced myself
welcome and i didnt introduce me either
Welcome to the WBO! Im quite new myself :P
Welcome to the WBO. I don't have an introduction thread either.
Lulz welcome to The WBO.
now we might have said we have cookies, we do, but we never said we'd share them...........
HI and Welcome
i never made a thread here and ive been a member since
Dec 10 2010 so you dont have to.....
Welcome again
Welcome. *hands out the welcome cookies* ^-^
I made an introduction thread, but I did it after like 100 posts here xD Also a tip for your signature- upload it to somewhere, get the image code, and add [img](insert image code here)[/img] and you'll have a sig up!
*snatches welcome cookies* he has to prove himself imma burn the cookies ..
Welcome to this forum, enjoy here and become a good member! Unfortunately I didn't made an intro thread too and I am here from December 30 2010.
Never did one either, figured that people wouldn't really care, besides, I don't like making a big deal of things, welcome!
Welcome Oldcomer? June 29 of last year? Seems rather pointless at this stage to do this does it not? Tongue_out