signs of takara tomy planning a new spriggan?

because I have too much free time on my hands (and because my friends like to talk about beyblades)

I have noticed a few things that are odd with Cho-Z spriggan's release compared with achillies and valkyrie.

1: By default it comes in a customize set with 4 other beys- while this is value, it breaks the trend of spriggan getting its own separate releases with every iteration. A related point being that Shu, spriggan's user- is a fairly popular and significant character in the anime. Being released in the Cho-Z customize set mildly downplays spriggan's significance I think.

2: Spriggan's features do not allow it to be as strong as it could possibly be. A noticeable lack of rubber or metal in the layer (barring the inbuilt metal chip in the center) compared to its predecessor and the rest of the super-z line of beyblades. Additionally the inclusion of zeta' as a driver is a bit lackluster though an objective upgrade, the cho-z wing system "SHOULD" make driver burst resistance a moot point. achillies and valkyrie have both received new drivers with their evolutions showing that TT does in fact have more ideas in the pipeline but seem to be holding back. 
some may argue that the immense size and weight of the Cho-Z trio layers already put game balance into question. But I would counter with TT not showing signs of being very receptive to keeping the balance of the game meta stable. in fact as a toy company focused on profit- making new beys and parts to make the older items obsolete, makes every form of sense for them.

3: the upcoming anime episode of Phi vs Shu. Due to the flow and trend set by the anime thus far- Phi is destined to be defeated by Aiga (because simple shonen toyetic anime plot armor) but before. I assume that Phi is going to be true to his self-professed title of the "god of destruction" and break the beys of all his opponents up until that point (unless TT pull a fast one on us). Given that- Cho-z spriggan WILL in fact lose in that episode due to afformentioned plot-armor. The question becomes whether or not it will be broken.

given these points- I have a suspicion that Takara Tomy may have further plans for spriggan and Cho-Z is not its 'final form'
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