rate this please

i finaly got all my hms beyblades and i found this to work well

for a top i selected driger

for a weight disc strata so its not too heavy

and for rc i made the driger bottom flat so it goes very very very fast and it take one hit to snap a plastic top

so please tell me what you think
You made Driger's RC flat?
Illegal modification. This combo is illegal then.

Also Gaia/Strata Dragoon uses Circle Heavy, so if you didn't want it to be heavy, you picked the wrong weight disc.

Why not list all your HMS and we'll see what can be made of them.
man wow i didnt know it was that bad uh here

advanced avazer

advance gaurdian

driger ms

wolborg ms

strata ms

and yeah

ps. if i hear one more person say wolborg no custom i will die
Fine, I won't say that. Tongue_out

AR: Advance Balancer (Averazer)
WD: Circle Wide (Wolborg MS)
RC: Bearing Core (Wolborg MS)
really oh btw i really like speed and i did flaten it too bad driger still looks ok see
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Strata MS already has a flat RC ...