The best season of Naruto was the time when Naruto was a kid.
I dont really agree with that. Although Chuunin exam arc was one of my favorites, I like the Fourth World War arc a lot more.

The latest chapter was again a flashback of Tobito. So, the mask was actually an android then. And it probably also explains Zetsu's origin. Not really good chapter. :\
naruto and naruto shippuden are both awsome i watched all 220 episodes of naruto and on naruto shippuden i am on episode 290 and i have all 220 episodes of naruto on dvd box sets and i have naruto shippuden 153 episodes on dvd box sets and i have all 3 naruto movies and i have 3 of the naruto shippuden movies i need to get movie 4 and 5 and 6 oh i am a big naruto fan naruto for life dog
Chapter 627 freakin' BLEW MY MIND!! I'm glad this is where they're going, this'll be great!

Plus, it allows some very cool character interaction, like Orochimaru discussing somewhat calmly with the Third Hokage, This is so awesome!

Can't wait for the next chapter!
^This guy speak the truth....

I'm mind blown, Sasuke decides to protect the village and his brother, 4 kages going to battlefield. I can't wait for the next expectation. Hashirama probably will go kill Madara again, Minato teaches Naruto Yellow flash without 9 tails chakra, that my guess.
Well, now I wonder what Madara and Obito would do.
I'm also wondering if the Juubi would have turned into its complete form by now.

So the 4th Shinobi world war is basically Madara+Obito+Juubi v/s all Shinobi.
Its good to finally see things moving now.

I wonder what Kishimoto will have in store for us in chapter 628. this chapter......all I'm gonna say carp you kishimoto with these so amazing cliffhangers....

Let summarize....

Obito yet still babbling about rin and carp yet Kakashi tries to wake Obito with all his words/phases that he says. 10 tailed transform again and
create a biju bomb yet all the alliance makes a weak earth wall to try stop or slow down the biju bomb even the 8th tails caught it. As soon that was stopped minato teleported from leaf village to the main battlefield Right on time as Naruto said that too.

My prediction.....Minato releases the Eight trigrame seal so that the nine tails can go full form. But where did the other 3 go anyway? To the fallen kages?
They can't use crazy Instant Transmission, so they're probably taking some time to arrive. I agree on the seal though.
But didn't Hashirama say "Prepare instant transportation"? Besides Minato didn't even need it anyway.

I'm really stoked about next week besides the shippuden filters......
I wonder what's up with the kages. I wonder when Kishimoto will shift the scene to them(in case he does).
I'm bored of the Kakashi-Obito fight because all they do is talk.
BTW, the ten-tails doesn't seem as powerful as I imagined it to be. Also, where exactly did Minato teleport the bijuu bomb? XD
Didn't they mention a few times that the Bijuu was still waking up completely? Y'know, the usual 'Ah, my powers have not yet fully awakened' carp?

Anyway, I can't say I really care for Kakashi vs. Obito or even Bee vs. the Bijuu: I want to see Naruto meeting up with Sasuke! Won't it be like five different kinds of awkward? XD And just think how happy Naruto will be! In his shoes, i'd be such a complete troll, like running around everyone who wanted to kill him and go 'HAHAHA!!! Hey, guys, who is it that believed in Sasuke all the way through, eh? Was it you? NO! You wanted to kill him! But now, he's a freakin' Deus Ex Machina!! And he's brought my father back to life and the Third and all the others and Orochimaru too who's now a good guy too!! WAS I RIGHT TO BELIEVE IN 'IM OR WHAT!? 8D 8D 8D'

He'd really HAVE the right to be such a smug jerk XD


Seriously, Sasuke's return is so hammy and so awesome that my interest in Naruto is completely reborn anew XD I wish he would speak a bit more, but I'm guessing that'll come soon Joyful_3
I'm so happy .But when sasuke entered the battlefield it was sooo awkward (I'm going to be hokage )
Anyway,I'm looking out for the battle between hashirama and madara,and also Team 7 vs madara maybe Team 7 is going to use combination jutsu.I'm so excited to find out the next chapter !!!!1
Oh man this is one hella chapter...Sakura masters Byakugou, Naruto and Sasuke combine jutsu more like "Amaterasu Rasen Shuriken"?. But this seems more like a new Legendary Sannin team,

At the last page Orochimaru lands at the fallen kage area....Oh boy.
And Orochimaru will Revive the Sannin and Jiraiya comes back from the dead.
Wonder if the Kages is Dead cause if they did chiyo will be in grief(she sacrificed her life for gaara0
I know this is random, but I don't care I wish the akatsuki could come back especially kisame hoshigaki!
Lots of things happening in a single chapter after quite long.
However I dont really understand how that Rasenshuriken+Amaterasu kind of jutsu defeated the Juubi. I expected the Juubi to be a lot stronger. Or did it not destroy the real one?
Also, I hope Orochimaru isn't going to heal the Kages. If that happens, then I'll probably drop Naruto. Because even Madara seems a lot weaker than before now. And if Orochimaru also starts opposing him, it will just turn into a boring one-sided battle.
Or wait, are they already trapped in some genjutsu?
I thonk it's only the clone of Juubi who was killed.
I don't think its one sided battle maybe Madara has some secret ultimate kinjutsu and he seems to be okay.
A lot of people have been saying that Madara appears weak because Kishi has not really made a lot of side characters strong enough to face him, and Madara could easily kill everyone if he wanted to, which pretty much means Kishi can't just do that, and so Madara is pretty much not doing anything.
The last thing I wanted was Orochimaru turning into a good guy. And now that it has happened, I'm dropping Naruto until Madara kills someone.
I hate how Kishimoto is turning every single villain into a good character Angry
(Jun. 23, 2013  2:44 PM)N0body Wrote: The last thing I wanted was Orochimaru turning into a good guy. And now that it has happened, I'm dropping Naruto until Madara kills someone.
I hate how Kishimoto is turning every single villain into a good character Angry
and he will turn them bad again..(at least that's what i think of sasuke)
i wish kisame would go shark mode more often then he would have beat guy sensei
I restarted with reading the manga and caught up from where I had left.
Finally things are moving again. But I hate how 60% of it is still Talk no Jutsu.
I was hoping to see more of the action part with new jutsu and stuff, especially after Obito became the jinchuriki of the Juubi.
Also, Kishimoto sensei almost completely sidelined Madara and Shodaime's battle. I wanted to see more of their battle than the father-son combination or the Talk no Jutsu. That said, I'm looking forward to the Shinju's flower blooming and the infinite tsukuyomi being cast.
Oh... this thread actually exists, well then, I have to say that naruto is awesome. I am a little behind on the manga, as I haven't read anything after the ten tale Jinchuriki.