limited edition beys MFB and Burst

Hi there, I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all the special or limited edition beyblades that came out since the MF era started, and I'm quite lost (I haven't found most of them in the wikia either)

So far I have:

Mercury Anubius 85XF (B-166)
- Legend Ver. (blue and black)
- Brave Ver. (Red and yellow)
Omega Dragonis 85XF (BB-M28)
Vulcan Horuseus 145D (BB-P01)

Infinity Libra GB145S
Quetzalcoatl 90WF
- Gold Quetzalcoatl 90WF (recolor from the DS game)
- (I don’t include the original Quetzalcoatl as it was not properly released)

Wing Pegasus S130RB (with the WBBO face bolt)
Big Bang Pegasis Blue Wing Ver
Storm L-Drago WD145B (referred as Crystal L-Drago)
Divine Chimera TR145FB
Burn Pisces ED145WF

Sol Blaze V145AS
- Regular Ver.
- Eclipse Ver. (Black)
- Golden Ver.

Bakushin Susanow 105F (original version: Bakushin Susanoo 90WF) (Only Hasbro)
Bakushin Susanoo 90WF Lunar Eclipse Ver. (BB-122) (original Bakushin Susanoo 90WF regular version)
but I can’t find that one, I only find the Hasbro one 105F and the recolor from takara 90WF but not the regular one Takara 90WF)

First: I suppose most of them don't have numbers or codes as they are limited (But where are this classification codes from Anubis, omega dragonis or bakushin susanoo coming from?: BB-122, BB-166, BB-M28???)

Second I don't find any info but I do know a lot more exist (white gravity perseus, blue variares, red variares, lots of golden Pegasus and L dragos, a really cool red thermal lacerta, a purple earth eagle and so on)
but I cannot find a proper way to organize all this stuff (and since they are not in the wikia, I can't trust google images of the takara authenticity)

Does anyone have a good list he/she can share of limiteds?

And regarding burst I only know of the BB-00 Amaterios Aero Assault (which I think hasn't been released yet)
is this bey going to be a full special adition bey or a re-color of an upcoming bey??

Thank you very much.
You need pictures to prove you actually have theses beys.
I'm not claiming I have them physically, It was just a way of saying that I have them in my list.
I just want to update the info and I'm not finding much on the web.
Well there are many, many limite edition Beyblades. You forgot Divine Chimera, Omega Dragonis, all the Random Booster prizes, etc. There is just no definite list we can do, considering all the tournament prize recolours too.
(Oct. 16, 2016  3:23 AM)exodia0 Wrote: I'm not claiming I have them physically, It was just a way of saying that I have them in my list.
I just want to update the info and I'm not finding much on the web.

Oops sorry my bad I read it wrong.
thank you for the responses, I think I do have chimera on the list (2rd one) and omega dragoonis (9th one).

Thanks Kai-V
I know that nearly every tournament has some recolours or some limited stuff but I'm more interested in takara releases to the public (no just a tournament price)
like videogame exclusives (like Vulcan horoseus) or blades given in exchange to beypoints
beys that are "sort of speaking" readily available.

as well I see lots of nice recolours and I don't know if they are legit or not, as I cannot find info about them (like blue variares and red variares, there is lots of rapidity variares with nice colours but I believe there are some legit recolours as well)

I tried looking into takara's webpage, but unable to find info as well, (I wanted to sort out a bit the wikia in regards of limited beys, so I looked for some help here) I do hve a bit of OCD regarding limited edition stuff (I'm quite the collector)

And as for all the random boosters I dont count them as limited outside the collection (BB-01 to BB-126) because they do have a code
These are most of them that are readily available:

-Cyber Pegasis (video game)
-Counter Leone (Video game)
-Black Lightning L Dragon (Corocoro limited but is on ebay for a high price)
-Gold L Drago (Metal System one. I think this was from the World Hobby Fair 2009 IIRC)
-Red and Purple Thermal Lacerta (Released with DVD)
-Red and Black Hell Kerbecs (Released with DVD)
-Ice Blue Burn Pheonix 90WF (Released with DVD)
-Purple Earth Aquila (WBBA then Released with DVD)
-Red Variares (WBBA Release)
-Blue Variares (WBBA Release)
-Black Fang Leone (released in set)
-Red and Blue Big Bang Pegasis (same set as above)
-Gold L Drago Destroy LF105LRF (Corocoro I think)
-White Gravity Perseus (DVD Release)
-Red Fang Leone W105RF (WBBA release)
-Black and gold Big Bang Pegasis 90RF (WBBA Release)

As for the classification codes i'm pretty sure hasbro made those up and they don't mean anything.