hi bladers!!!!

hello,i' m NewBlader and I have 12 years old,i' m italian ^^
Welcome! First, start out by reading Kai-V's message. It will help alot! Oh, if you're Italian, and barely speak English, there is an Italian forum! PM me for help! Let it rip!
Welcome! The search function is extremely helpful on this site to find answers to questions, by the way. Enjoy your stay here!
Hi welcome to the WBO and enjoy the site and don't get warned
Welcome to the WBO. Make sure you read the Pm Kai V sent you when you first joined. Read the rules, check out build me a combo #2 for combo help. Make sure you check out Beywiki. Great resource and a great way to learn about beyblade. And feel free to PM me if you need anything.
thanks very mutch ^^
hi and welcome to the wbo hope you have lots of fun on this site
welcome to the wbo have fun here theres lots of good bladers Smile