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Hey guys, couldn't find a thread for entertainer tournaments, so i made one, anyway, on saturday the 24th of march there are going to be tournaments all over the country in entertainer stores, there are prizes but i'm not sure what they are, anyway I thought it would be a good chance to get more people to join wbo and those who already are members of wbo to meet other bladers in their area, anyway here's the list of stores that the tournaments will be happening in, it's a 10 am start and don't ask me about age limits because i'm not sure, all i know is that the usual hasbro age limit is 14 years of age, anyway have fun

The Entertainer stores - 24th March 2012. 10am start, approximate finish 12 midday.
Compete against the best to win tickets to Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach,
and Beyblade goodies!

At Amersham, Beaconsfield, Uxbridge, Milton Keynes, Camberley, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Keynsham, Midsomer Norton, Cardiff, Sutton Coldfield, Wolverhampton, Staines, Wrexham, Yeovil, Reading, Telford, Ellesmere Port, Crawley, Nottingham, Solihull, Lakeside, Worcester, Romford, Guildford, Coventry,
Kingston, Wimbledon, Bristol Yate, Birmingham Bullring, Wandsworth, Harlow, Watford, Cheltenham, Taunton, Denton, Ipswich, Bristol Cabot Cirus, Derby, White City, Brighton, Maidstone,
Sheffield Meadowhall, Liverpool, Chelmsford, Hull, Bury, Warrington, Hereford, Stockport,
Manchester Arndale, Dudley Merry Hill, Horsham, Wakefield, Chester, Cwmbran, Haslemere,
Newport IOW, Bluewater, Welwyn Garden City, Westfield Stratford, Gateshead Metro Centre, Winchester, Leicester, and Bromley
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thanks for the updates
its hasbro tourneys,, good
Okay, thanks, I was going to but i thought that was only for wbo tourneys
@ ashton pinto this is only the place for this thread
@ apple1075 nice updates (i am sorry from ashtons side)
I'm sure we would be allowed to play with a bb10 attack stadium between matches so it should be fun if enough people attend, the entertainer staff won't know what hit them
Which one are you going to, i might go to bury or arndale manchester with at least 4 of my friends, which one are you planning on going to
I can only go to meadowhall Sheffield. Can't go to far.

(Mar. 10, 2012  10:59 AM)apple1075 Wrote: Which one are you going to, i might go to bury or arndale manchester with at least 4 of my friends, which one are you planning on going to

Oh well, maybe we can meet up some other time
You should post that in the general Beyblade Metal Fusion topic.

Also, just so it is clear to everybody : these are probably going to be like the Toys "R" Us events, and they are obviously not going to count toward anything since Hasbro's world championship is right after.