good news for hong kong

the HWS and the anime will come to hong kong!
the anime will on air on 7/1/2010 thu&fri 17:15-17:45 on tvb(jade)
Yes sure, the HWS beyblades has already launched. The competition's prizes will be the same as Japan also.
I think we already knew this?
(Dec. 28, 2009  11:52 AM)Ash Wrote: I think we already knew this?
For Hong Kong ? I personally never posted it, and I never read it here.

Coincidentally, I had seen this yesterday on the Korean Wikipedia ...
yesterday i went to toyrus(the bigest one in hong kong)but i can't find any HWS bey..
i think it will be sold on Jan 7...
Not in Toysrus, in some small toy shops, I bought a Rock Leone 145WB and a Lightning L Drago 100HF.
Yeah, it's available for sell @sogo and jusco already Wink
I think the song is really bad...
So I change the audio for Japanese.You said it right, really bad.
Should make things more accessible via E-bay for some users though :3
"Beyblade"had been changed into"Be brave..."
This is the op
It sounds like it's being played through an atari, with drumming and karoke artists over the top D:
... Not that the atari part bothers me, but the rest of it is terrible!