coolest place you've ever beybattled

This really wouldn't be the coolest place, but most interesting. So me and my friends were in one of my friends cars, and we decided to stop by a restaurant to get a bite to eat. It was about 1 AM, and we all had our beyblades with us. We began to eat, but couldn't help to look at our beys. After that we all made some room inside the car and placed a BB-10 right in the center, and started battling. Gotta admit it was fun and hilarious, because we couldn't launch that well while eating. XD
i battled outside my friends house in the fog using rock leone.I used my special move and the wind started to blow
In one of those coin things where you roll it and eventually goes in, I was really scared, it was at the mall and I almost lost XD
Mine was when i played a battle in a stadium......which was floating on water.....inside a tub. Everytime any bey got knocked out it went right into the water and the water would just splash was dam cool. Grin
In the streets of new York. No stadium. Street rules (see what I did there?)
I put my zero g stadium in my pool and I battle with Hasbro Metal Fury beyblade (no stickers) and in a moving car. THATS MY BEST I GUESS
Also in a BB-10 at school
Pretty long XD
an old oval-shaped grill (Click to View)
The Dragoon-dude,that must be pretty fun!!
quite innovative i must say,but i doubt the stadia floating when you put a heavy-weight bey like diablo.
@helldragonking-zero-g stadia has holes,i suppose,and putting that in a pool would mean instant sinking
i remember playing at McDonald's.they had made toys-a bey with pokemon on top.they had made a rink to allow to was fun spinning while eating McChicken
Hmm..... at my middle school we like to play 'death' matches with MFB. Basically you would go into the toilets and launch into the sink. always used my Inferno Fireblaze WD125 RF and my rival used a Storm Capricorn. If you lost, the Bey would fly into the urinal, never to be used again.... Blader's Hell!
Luckily, I have never lost in the sink, but once, my friend turned on the tap. I only realised the TRUE power of beyblades when the water flew back off it!
Not sure if Necro but...
The craziest place has got to be a Hasbro stadium.

I all seriousness though, during the Plastic Gen, we had a tether ball poll and the way the ice formed formed around it was a slope, which was slightly filled with water, I won thanks to my Trygle not making much contact with the water.
On a regular Beystadium that was floating in the middle of a pool.