come and join the battle

Hello bladers
there is gonna be a tournament on friday this week
the place is in england, southen on sea and at chase high school
and only 30 bladers can come so hurry up and take the places and they will be pizes for who ever win the tournament

Official or non-official?
Change the title from 'came and join the battle' to 'come and join the battle'
If it's official, not gonna be ready in time for friday.
first you need 8 bladers, then you need to put it into event proposals, then it needs to be approved.
If it's un-official, wrong place. there's no place on the WBO I don't think for un-official tournaments. (Correct mua if the sir is wrong)
Lol where is southend anyway??

Make the date a bit later on, prefebaly late next moth or early next year, i could probs make that one, as i'm allowed to go to Lewes and it's shorter to get there than with Lewes. I'd really like to go Smile
Hah, I seem to be in a really bad mood today Pinching_eyes_2
So you can definitly come? to the lewes tournament?
(Off-topic, sorry)
Also, though in may not get an answer Tongue_out what are the prizes???
LOL about a 90% chance now. I'll bug my mum to let me go Tongue_out
The prizes are at the tournament and who ever is caming to it reply yes so i know who is caming to it
Maybe yes...
Okay Herculeo777 i will put u down as a maybe
Smile Thanks

As I've explained to many times over PM you can't advertise unofficial tournaments here all tournaments have to be approved by the Committee to have them advertised here.

You can plan unofficial tournaments/meet ups via the PM system.
Actually no, you cannot really use any of the World Beyblade Organization's platforms including private messages to plan anything not approved by the World Beyblade Organization Committee. It is parasitism otherwise.