combat robots = awesome

its an intresting sport yeah its a sport if ur intrested in it go to
or its pretty cool remember its a sport an awesome sport
the only reason its awesome is no robot isthesame theres always a difference
Like, robot wars..? I used. To watch that Smile
these things are still around andare starting to get popular again remember starting so helpsupport it andvisit these websites the first 1 has a parts store with almost fully assembled robot kits the second has fight videos
and is updated daily
That support needs a lot of time, because if you want to enter to a pro battle you will need to design the robot, the arms, the software, the radar.

And when you have this and more, you need to build the robot and prove it and prove it.

I know it because I went to a FLL representing to my school
Pretty sure no combat robots have radar and few of them have "arms".

Also most of the time, software isn't required to get one of them to work.

West Coast Beyblade champion Shawn Lyons builds these things. I used to, also. It's expensive, but you can definitely find financial shortcuts. I used to build little machines for fun out of old RC cars.

Antweight (1 pound) robots are the best to build for competition right now. Check it out.
its more exciting wen it isnt antweight because there are more possibilities for weapons on heavier bots
like sledgehammers and flamethrowers

edit there are no radars ppl its rc controlled and the first lego league is nothing compared to this
Antweights can use both of those weapon types. It can be just as exciting. Also, tell me if you really have any choice when you don't have access to heavy machine tools and thousands of dollars to spend on a 350 pound machine.
who said they have to be that heavy there usually 60-120 ilbs
and i also do have acsess to those kinds of machines grandfather was sheet metal worker
already planning on doing that i need to get matireals i only have access to the machiens
I remember when was a kid i would watch robot wars on techTV it was epic. And i found out grant imahar (don't know how to spell his last name) the one guy on mythbusters actually was on that show and won. He has used his combat robot on the mythbusters a few time.

But yeah i hope combat robots or w/e comes back as a tv show that would be awesome