can i open this thread?

hey i was just wondering is it possible to post a topic or open up a poll based on the anime? i had some things i wanted to start a new thread with but its about the anime so are threads about the anime allowed or should i not open the thread?
(Mar. 22, 2009  10:04 AM)Synesthesia Wrote: Yes anime discussions are allowed.

(Mar. 22, 2009  11:49 AM)Anu Wrote: ^^^Someone forgot to Close Again ???

No ...

Maybe you should stop backseat moderating, Anu? :\ If you think a thread needs to be closed, report it, don't post in it.
(Mar. 22, 2009  11:12 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: Close.

Sorry, because you said This I accidentally mistook it for Closing the Thread... Unhappy