bootleg wF - dF mod

Because I was poor and didn’t feel like dropping 35 bucks on Wizard Fafnir, I thought about how I could mod my own beyblade to become like it. 

And it actually works! You can put it in the stadium and watch it start from 0 to 100!

What you will need: 
• Blu-Tack
• a wide and preferrably smooth frame (I used Vortex)
• stock dF
• toothpick

1. Roll the blu tack into a strip long enough to be wrapped around dF’s circumference. Wrap it around and press it on so it doesn’t fall off mid spin

2. Use Drago Galaxy’s ‘Nothing Break’ toothpick mod to jam a toothpick into the Nothing driver, achieving a base like in the picture. If you do it properly, it’s possible to remove the toothpick afterwards using tweezers or long nails.

3. Stick the frame onto 8, assemble the combo and put it in the stadium so that it faced upwards. It doesn’t need to be standing straight up, just upwards is fine.

And that’s literally it lol

Any suggestions, testing or questions? Let me know!
[Image: H0OxmK1.jpg]
[Image: d8iC8xm.jpg]
Cheap, weird and illegal for tournaments...
(Apr. 27, 2019  10:42 PM)Mattbey Wrote: That is a good way to save money
yes it is! I don’t plan to buy the other one anymore lmao
(Apr. 27, 2019  10:46 PM)CitrusNinja3 Wrote: Cheap, weird and illegal for tournaments...
don’t worry, you don’t have to use it for the rest of ur life! the blu tack and toothpick can be removed very quickly and put your dF back to normal asap

and it’s a mod, so ofc it’ll be illegal in tournaments