are fish animals?

Poll: are fish animals?

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are fish animals?
Fish are plants, like all vegetables are.
I have a field of haddock growing in my backyard.
The Tuna Tree I planted last year is growing nicely, this years harvest should be great!

(If it wasn't clear for some of the more dense members*, I was joking and of course fish are animals, what the hell else would they be?)
* I'm looking at you Felgrand ;)
Well, first of all, at the highest taxonomic classification, fish are in Kingdom Animalia (as opposed to protista or plantae), so they are clearly animals from a scientific standpoint. The key is that they are multicellular, capable of locomotion, and respond to their environment.

If someone is arguing that a fish is not an animal, I am not sure where they are coming from. Fish are fairly advanced, they have vertebrae, circulatory systems, and a brain. They are clearly not plants or single celled organisms.
heh, idiots. fish are legumes
thats the samething as saying its a plant
I r bad at biology.
man look at the closed threads. You're totally missing the joke.
I read it, there's a person arguing about fish not being an animal when he was talking about wanting to live in japan. Bey Brad totally derailed the thread at that time XD. Well, fishes are animals, end of dicussion.

EDIT: Ok, seriously, saying fishes are not animals is like saying carnivorous plants are animals.
omg just read the thread

I knew somebody would go back on this, it was just too stupid XD
It was pretty obvious.
(Jan. 31, 2010  1:28 AM)Dude Wrote: I knew somebody would go back on this, it was just too stupid XD

should've been stickied, not locked
Saying fish is not an animal is saying that Libra weights 5 grams
Going by the poll results thus far, 3 People on this board go to the "MetalFightKai" school of Animal Studies.
I clicked no

Tey iz tey plants, I ezeday prantz feesh seedz
(Jan. 31, 2010  3:14 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: should've been stickied, not locked
The same pattern appeared : we all have proof and try to reason that fish are animals, and the only reply everybody got is "FISH ARE NOT ANIMALS" for everything. To me it stops being funny after reading the same response five times.

But this topic is actually about this and not Tokyo, Japan, so OK.
You know were all joking on this thread right?
just rember msgren and then youll know Wink
World beyblade organization:
"disagree with us and your a crazy idiot!"
don't make fun of me for my beliefs
MetalFightKai, this is not up for debate. This is not something to agree or disagree with.

The fact is that FISH ARE ANIMALS. They are NOT plants, bacteria, fungi, or protists. Fish are living and breathing. They reproduce, eat, and grow.
MetalFightKai let me put it to you in layman's terms.

We have: Wikipedia pages, well respected websites and general scientific texts and documents.

You have:.... Nothing.

If you can find information on the internet or in a book that says fish are not animals then I will be perfectly ready to listen to you. If not then stop posting your gibberish. You say don't make fun of you for your beliefs, but this isn't a belief it's you trying to prove a point that you can not prove. I have not really found either this topic or the other one very funny. They are merely frustrating and annoying. So unless you can draw up some scientific proof don't post in this thread again.
you are wrong:
there are two beliefs: are animals aren't animals
neither of them are right nor wrong, they are beliefs, these websites and documents you have were obviously written by believers of belief 1
i have met plenty of people like me that believe in belief 2
you may say this isn't up for debate but belief 1 and belief 2 are just beliefs
(Jan. 31, 2010  2:27 PM)Benkei Wrote: So unless you can draw up some scientific proof don't post in this thread again.