a future tournament idea in the dallas,Tx area

I am looking for some bladers in the dallas, Tx area to form a tournament in the near future. We will have prizes and try to supply stadiums. If you are interested pm me before January 10th. Even if we don't get a tournament going on we can still battle.
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I live in dallas, and can help with the tournament. Would you like to play also? Please PM me.Smile
I would love help. I don't know if I will play or not but will u? Cuz I need atleast 8 bladers for a tournament.
There already is a thread for dallas texas http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Dallas-T...Tournament
(Dec. 27, 2010  6:17 AM)1234bladergirl Wrote: I would love help. I don't know if I will play or not but will u? Cuz I need atleast 8 bladers for a tournament.

I will play, No problem.Grin And storm pegusus that tournament if it ever happens will be like 6 months from now so we can make another one, I belive.
tournament in dallas that would be so awsome i wonder what the prizes would be how about anubis and vulcan horseous
Well if we do get like 15-20 bladers we will see if we can have nice prizes like those. So far it seems like there's about 8 in it now. Will u join?
im interested in this. i was thinking so we could get people from all places near by ( dallas, carrolton richardson garland plano wylie sachse and more) there is a "party barn" here in Wylie where we can rent this big area i bet they have plenty of tables that we could use and i have one stadium(super vortex) and i can get a few friends and my cousin ( who has another stadium) heck if we do it near by i bet my little sister would play too! (she got into it when i did haha)
Ok everyone who will be attending there some things I got to point out the tournement won't be exactly in Dallas, tx cuz it's to expensive to rent a place there. It will be in a rec center or library in Euless, Tx cuz it's cheaper. It's like 20-30 mins from downtown Dallas. Also it will be with the standard rules so nothing but metal fusion beys! If any of u have a stadium I would apreciate if u would bring it. Let me put it this way the more stadiums people can bring the more spare money I have for prizes.
well i was wondering if we could do it more towards garland texas since euless is around an hour and 30 min away Unhappy i can check the prices for some places in garland also depends on how many people want to come and the size of the place we need cause we have a room here in Wylie that we could probably use. i doubt it is expensive if you guys are up for it just let me nkow if it is possible to have it more near garland.
Email me at sonicdragon 82 @gmail.com and
tell me the deets
[/size]i live in north riland hills texas and i whant to be in a tournumint please bring one here soon