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Yeah, might be hard to find the beys I'm after. I'm looking for the Dark Series from the plastic Gen. Just wanted to grab some of them. Kind of why in the purchase consultation thread, I've been asking about what I should expect to pay for a NIB Dark one has answered me, lol.
I think theres DarkDranzer on eBay and every time I am on YJA theres are Dark Dragoon for 2800 yen. I'll post a link later. I'm off to school---off-topic
The Dark Series blades pop up quite frequently. I'm sure the other day MOJ's yahoo account had a Dark Draciel and Dark Dranzer for sale for 1000 yen each and no one had bid on them. They may have not sold, you could try messaging them to see.
Thanks, I'll do that. Would love to at least get Dark Driger.
the only really hard things to find are certain recolors and venus/poseiden/vesuvian/desert sphynxter/appollon/orthros
Can't remember which thread I read this on, but someone was asking about Trygle 2. There are a couple up on YJA now.
Orange version:
Green version:
Random Booster 9
Galeon 2 (Black) (prize) 1/12
Trygator (Green Jungle) 1/12
Trygle 2 (Orange Sunshine) 1/1
Saw the weirdest thing on YJA , what is this

feel free to just post the link, you can even incorporate it into text so it doesnt look ugly : ]!

EDIT: And Beyfan, there's no way to know/no chance in hell of getting a NIB Dark Driger.
A NIP one shouldn't run you more than 1,500 -> 2,000 Yen though.
(Feb. 01, 2011  5:15 AM)NitroNeo Wrote: Saw the weirdest thing on YJA , what is this
Those are just capsule Beyblades made out of a sort of rubber from what I remember. We have a topic on those ...
(Feb. 01, 2011  5:18 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: EDIT: And Beyfan, there's no way to know/no chance in hell of getting a NIB Dark Driger.
A NIP one shouldn't run you more than 1,500 -> 2,000 Yen though.
lol...I wouldn't be asking if I didn't know where to get one Wink
And thanks for answering my question Smile
There's one on YJA now for 1500 yen. Get that one. It's worth it.
I don't know what the link is so no not really. Also those are two rare plastics. Gaia dragoon and Guardian Driger.
Hmm, wish I could search for the Dark Series beys...hard without a product number. Damn!

Just throwing this out there for anyone. Big plastic lot:

EDIT: Ultrablader, you sure about the Dark Driger? I found a Dark Dragoon on YJA, but it is 2800yen. And I've looked at all the beys in the 1500yen price range, didn't see a Dark Driger.
Maybe it ended. There's normally another one showing the pic of the RB8 box which is 2000 yen which I think it's in.
Yeah, seen the RB8 one. But it is one they have opened and it isn't any of the Dark Series beys. Think that it had a Seaborg attack ring, while the rest of the bey was red.
That's 500 yen not 2000 though. And the one i'm talking about has Dark driger in it. They were both there recently. Wait for them to turn up again I guess.
Hmm, might have of been "buy it now" items? That'd explain why they may have of disappeared quickly. I found a Dark Dragoon at 2800yen, that a good price (definitely better then the one on eBay going for $70 plus shipping)? I've got no idea what the worth of some plastics are.

EDIT: I found a Dark Driger on YJA. Not sure if it is the someone Ultrablader was talking about. Yay! Strangely, it doesn't appear if you just search for beyblade. Got some help from AD with Japanese text to search for Driger.
I do not know where the link is but thats what i was talking about. Dark Dragoon. Also is it possible you post a link of the Dark Driger.
....really....fair enough. could you post a link AFTER? wanna see what i am GOING to miss.
Its been sold. Oh well, guess I got to go with the other 2 leads I have.
Seen this nice lot:

Would like to get it myself, but have money tied up elsewhere. Beys I find as highlights of this lot are Cyber Dragoon, Dragoon V2(?), Black Dranzer, Dark Dragoon, Draciel V2, and Dranzer V2 (there are two in there I think). Reason I say they are highlights is because they are beys I want, lol.

I hope that this isn't an auction that someone here is bidding on...

Also, anyone seen any Random Booster 9s (from plastic gen). I'm really after a Galeon 2. Gotten on RBV9, but would like some more...haven't found any though.
Uh even if we do leave it someone who lives in Japan might go for it since it's a pretty nice lot. It's got like the whole v2 series and Black dranzer in it.