X:D Discussion

Poll: Would X:D be a good Sway Attack Bottom for Zero-G?

Total: 100% 18 vote(s)
Once more, a terrible sway attack bottom.
Standard Procedure, No Grip
MSF Ifraid Saramanda XGrin vs MSF Revizer Gargole SA165 RS
IS:0 Wins
RG:10 Wins(8 OS,2 0GKO)
Notes: XGrin will self KO if you launch harder than 90%. I also tried Dragooon XGrin and it swayed left spin but the S on XGrin didn't have enough balance to OS Phantom Gasher W145 WD.
Did it tornado stall by any chance?
So like, X: D has absolutely not chance in the MetaGame except to surprise your opponent with a mediocre Balance type? Somewhat similar to Basalt D: D? (Read that on BeyWiki)
It looks like that for the moment. :\

OK, did it stall by any chance?
It stalled, but didn't have the stamina to OS.
X: D works good on diablo nemesis,
my friend puts it on XF and it make the battle go hay-wire.this way,it has 50 to 75 per cent chance of winning.someone should try Revizer Dragoon X: D
given the fact that the combo will have a lot of weight,and putting that on XF will be fantastic
So, a stock Diablo Nemesis with an MF-H is pretty average?
So here are my defence tests

I don't have any other good defence wheels to use so I decided not to do defence tests

MF Death Aquario X:D

MF Death Aquario X:D vs MF Variares CH145R2F

MF Death Aquario X:D vs Ifraid Phoenic E230CF

MF Death Aquario X:D vs Phantom Aquario ED145WD

MF Death Aquario X:D vs Phantom Aquario W145WD

MF Death Aquario X:D vs Phantom Aquario TH170WD
X: D seems decent. Generally.

Now to find a wheel that has enough Defense and Attack ability Smthing like a Death/Diablo Mix, to put on it.