Worst recoil builds

So I was testing judgment with a gen weight, and the recoil on it is really bad. So I am wondering what's the worst build someone can make. The combo I was using is judgement odin 0 meteor atomic gen.
Well if you want more recoil, steer clear of ball tips. Maybe give it a POM tip like Yielding. Or something with a very small point of contact like Blow. A light disk like Oval or 12 will give you more recoil, and the shape of Judgement or Knockout will give you plenty of recoil. But you can also get recoil on layers like Emperor Forneus.
Slash Ashura.11.Y Sou

High recoil layer base, awful teeth, light, off-balance disk, and low friction driver.

If it doesn't burst in one hit it is going out of the stadium.
maybe judgement ashura with gen, 11, yielding?
Judgement Ashura, 12 Flugel?
Hey do you think qc' would have a lot of recoil
Slash Ashura 12 Dagger Friction Go
Judgment Ashura 0Hit Fusion Dash Gou, if it doesn’t knock out its opponent, it’ll knock itself out.
Thank you guys for the help, with the heavy recoil build I have bursted some beys in a few hits