[World] Ultra Bladers

Poll: Should I try to host team raising tournies or other

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Hello. I am devil the beyer calling any world bladers who want to join a team. I represent superjakester3 to promote our team. We call ourselfs the Ultra Bladers. Pm us and I will keep adding on to this post. You need to be in the USA and have at least one bey. I only have 8 spots left, so join now! And dont do anything that will give you baned, or you aren't on the team.

Team Makers:
Devil The Beyer

ON team:
Gasher Master

note: dont change your username a lot because it gets anoying to rewrite it on this thred
Use a proper prefix in the title.
note2: you will be off the team for not being active for a month
Final note:I will take anyone to make a team sig or userbar and help on it. You are also on the team
Just a little FYI, Titan Blader is on a different team...