Why do you play video games?

Just state why you play video game. But it can't be something like "I play video games because the're fun", "I play video games because I'm bored" or something like that.

The resaon I play video games is because it's very entertaining. It brings out that feel what toys can't. It also shows that you have done something instead of staring at the wall. For example, beating a high score, beating a certain level or something like that. Some games also uses your creativey to create many loads of things like minecraft, little big planet and more. Also playing games allow me escape the real world. If I'm really sad and stress(Which I am a lot), playing games gets my mind off it and makes me feel a whole lot better.
I play for the heck of it. It's like homework to me, I always get so stressed when Im training pokemon.
I play video games to take an arrow to the knee. I doubt anyone gets that refrence. But I play video games to kill things.
(Dec. 14, 2011  9:26 PM)Æ›nubis Wrote: I play video games to take an arrow to the knee. I doubt anyone gets that refrence. But I play video games to kill things.

I do, and I kind of wish you didn't reference Skyrim...

Also playing video games to kill things doesn't paint the greatest picture of you...
I play video games for the sake of escapism, of course.

That and to stimulate my imagination and hear beautiful music and voices Joyful_3
I play video games for escapism, time consumption, and catharsis. Given the hideous amount of free time I have, if I go unoccupied for too long, I tend to get restless.

I genuinely dislike any game that forces anything more than basic instinctual levels of thought or creativity, and games where too many choices are present are also unplayable, for me. So, essentially, they are a method for me to relax and just enjoy something.
I play video games because it makes me feel like i'm that character that's why i like playing RPG like FF7 or so on because of it's story(mostly) and making your character do only what u want him to doSmile
I play Games because life doesn't have HD graphics. That's fair enough right????
(Dec. 14, 2011  9:26 PM)Æ›nubis Wrote: I play video games to take an arrow to the knee. I doubt anyone gets that refrence. But I play video games to kill things.
I'd have to say that was the worst arrow to the knee reference ever.

I play video games for fun. Purely entertainment. It's amazing how they suck you in.

ninja Crab. Yeah life doesn't have HD, it has way better. In fact, the best resolution.
I usually play Pokemon games...
And, I play because Pokemon aren't for real?

Its the only way to become a Pokemon Trainer! Tongue_out
Also, I do share Chups' reason too.
I play for fun.
I play it to pass time when I have absolutely nothing else to do with my free time. Also, it makes me feel more energetic trying to keep up with Sonic as he races so unbelievably fast in Sonic: Unleashed. It's also the reason why I'm buying Sonic Generations; to keep up my pace and feel more energetic.
i play video games
A they are fun
B they are cool
I play videos games for three reasons: 1-stress reliever 2-Fun to play 3-you can do things you aren't allowed to do in real life in them.
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I play video games because a lot of stuff goes on in my is very stressful, and I just like to work with meh hands. Like sometimes my brothers do a lot to me that really gets to me, and playing Roblox or Minecraft or even TDOANE(YGO The Dawn Of A New Era) help me. Because games like Roblox or Minecraft become an entirely new world where I'm great or I'm respected.
Well since this thread is basically being used again, I play game's for braggi- I mean because they're entertaining, if they're fun anyway, I play bad games out of experimentation, and see if they're really that bad. Games help me relax after a stressful or tired day, a bit like how Beyblade does.
I often use them as stress relief, but even when I'm not stressed its just incredible to be taken into other worlds for a while. To live out dreams you cant accomplish in real life I guess.
All games are a distraction from our loss of purpose and we never fully accept how insignificant we are.
But they're fun anyways

anyone play kingdom hearts
Actually I like to play because I'm passionate, I can say that I can imagine a lot of romance when playing
i like to play video games because i like to challenge my self and test my skills in gaming
Of course its about fun and Joy, no doubt.
But especially playing online became very important for me. You meet New people and that's why its Not true when someone says that Video games turn you into a lonely wulf without the wish to become Part of the society. If you ask me online community members try their Best to let you become Part of the community.
The only Problem are egoistic Solo players who cant be convinced by any way