Whine about your breaks

no they were battleing and both facebolts broke
ok thanks for that tip (Note to self dont over tighting)
I was practicing my launches and my Beylauncher handle like disappeared (I found it) and I was like WHAT. After I found it I fixed it with some tape ALOT of tape. Then the tape broke and the handle broke in half. Fixed that with tape too. Works ok now.
facebolt just broke, wasn't super tight ether(i used my fingers lol), but this makes 2 in one week, about five in total.
Today was a mass of Fail..
Finaly got to use my New L-Drago to replace the old one.
on the 3rd round. The string didn't retract no matter what i did.(Same Beylauncher that the prongs that hold the Bey broke)
So i HAD to use the Lightlauncher that comes with it.
1st round that I use the Light Launcher. The handle of the winder Snaps off.
o.o How do people manage to break their facebolts so easily ? I've had mine for about 3 weeks or so now and it's still fine. I launch it hard as well, but my beys manage to stay in almost perfect condition. O_O
My LLdrago winder broke , I hate Hasbro winders.....
the worst thing that's happened to my beys is my storm metal wheel's scratched so I don't know how people can damage their beys so much even while being careful
(Sep. 20, 2010  1:44 AM)souless1234 Wrote: They tighten it too hard.

You'd think they would learn after the first facebolt brakes. Speechless
(Sep. 20, 2010  1:48 AM)blah Wrote:
(Sep. 20, 2010  1:44 AM)souless1234 Wrote: They tighten it too hard.

You'd think they would learn after the first facebolt brakes. Speechless

You can never teach a blader.....
True, someone should just make a Youtube tutorial. Grin And also, one of my HMS G-Winders broke. ;(
I just had a sad sad break... I was just cleaning my parts and when reassembling one of my blades my CH120/145 got stripped. Its still usable as I can still carefully screw it on however I'm not so sure its good for a battle here.
I think the most major break I've had was really when the little bit of plastic on my grip launcher (the part that holds the launcher itself in securely) snapped clean off. That caused a few problems when I went to launch since the lack of 'security' made the actual thing fly off, which obviously screwed up a fair few battles.

I had to stop using it eventually, every time I tried to repair it something else caused it to break. D:
My RF was rubbed clean off , I threw away my PTW for this reason , hah.
What do you mean by rubbed clean off? Do mean the paint got on it?
I over tightened the face-bolt on my Storm Pegasus, which promptly cracked. Welp, time to get a MF, I suppose...
The screw in part of a MF is still plastic, and still breakable.
Metal Faces also have plastic on the shaft so if you tighten it too hard it will crack as well.
I know that, but I was planning on getting some MFs anyway.
Just battling with a friend a while ago, I used one of my Dragoon Gt's and after the battle found out the base had a really big crack in it. Unhappy It'll probably fall off soon lol.
My Flame Pegasus (plastic) exploded on my today Ive had it for like 4 years now.
My cat ate off the bit protector from one of my HMS series blades today, fortunately we were able to get her stomach pumped.