Which GT Bey Should I Buy?

(Nov. 25, 2019  2:37 AM)Lemonz Wrote: I’m looking into buying a GT bey but I have no idea which one to get. Can I get a top 3 list from best to worst?
I know you're new to WBO and excited to get some answers, but why did you post the same question in a different forum 15 minutes later? The first thread for this in Q&A was a little redundant, posting the exact same question in a non-Beyblade subforum is also redundant. Please don't do this. Look for answers in threads that already exist, or ask this question in appropriate ones. In the future, please figure out which threads already exist are the best places for your questions. The next time you want to hit the Post Thread button, please check carefully before you do.
Closed for reasons above.

Please use this thread for beyblade purchasing advice next time, thank you.