What systems do you have ? What's your favorite game company ?

Poll: What's your favorite company for video games ?

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i have a xbox360 a ps3 and a lost dsi my favorite company is microsoft
I really like SEGA. Ever since I first heard of Sonic the hedgehog, I payed attention to SEGA all the time. I also have an Xbox 360 with Kinect, Wii, and a 3DS.
I have a DSi, a PSP, and a Wii

My favorite company has always been Atlus or Square Enix

Why? Cause I love RPGs Smile
I have a 3DS and a DS Lite.
And my favourite company is Nintendo
I have a PS3,Wii,PSP,DS Lite,DSI,PS2,2 GBA's, and my brother has an Xbox 360. I really like Naughty Dog mainly because of Jak and Daxter(my favorite series) and Uncharted,which is also good.
I have a WII,Gameboy and Gameboy Advanced, I also have a Gamecube.
i have a gameboy, nintendo ds, nintendo dsi, nintendo 3ds, wii, ps1, ps2, ps3, psp, psp vita, xbox, xbox 360 and my favorite is ps3 and sony
Gameboy pocket
Gameboy color x 3 ones special Pokemon edition
Gameboy advance x 2
Gameboy advance sp x 5
Gameboy micro
Ds lite x 3
Xbox 360
Play station2
Play station 3
Vg pocket

If u want me to post accesseries or games reply to this telling me so.
I have

Game Boy Advance SP
DS lite
Play station 2
How do you have that many systems
I have a Wii, I USE to have a GameBoy, and a DS Lite.
i have ds lite!!! wanna be my aunt who has gameboy, ps3, wii, ds lite, xbox 360, psp
(Aug. 06, 2012  12:34 PM)Thunder Dome Wrote: Blaziken
How do you have that many systems

ive collected them my whole life
- PSP 1000-1001 (Phat/Fat)
- PSP 3000
- PS2 Original (Phat/Fat)
- Nintendo 64 (x2)
- Nintendo 3DS

Mostly use my portable games like PSP and 3DS, love my consoles and portables just reminds me of good times, along with Beyblade of course.
1. Nintendo DS Lite
2. Nintendo DS i
3. PS3
4. Wii
5. Ipad

Not sure if I have more...but that's all for now Grin

Need to save up or study for money to get more things!
[Image: 8HZ8f.gif]

Thankfully that's not the case. I do own plenty though, with my latest being a Vita.
PS3 and PSP-3000

Favorite Companies:
Square Enix
Namco Bandai / Bandai Namco
Consoles I own:
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DSLite
Gameboy Advance SP
Xbox 360

My favorite game company would be Nintendo and Sony. Those two defined my early childhood and I still love and support both today
I own a ps3

Nintendo ds lite ps3-4 xbox kinect and1.I also have a wii.
I'm a huge fan of Nintendo, I've always been.
Consoles in chronological order:
NES (1999)
N64 (2002)
GBA (2005)
GameCube (2008)
PS2 (2009)
Wii (2009)
PS3 (2011)
Wii-U (2013)

I remember these years because my parents bought (me) an NES as a baby, then I graduated to the N64, my all-time favorite console, the rest is history.
My favorite Video Game Publishing companies are Nintendo and Rareware.
I swear to god nobody call me spoiled XD
Consoles I own:
Play Station 3
PSP(Play Station Portable)
Nintendo DS
Xbox One

And my favorite company is Tecmo because they made the Ninja Gaiden series <3
I own:

2 XBox 360's (one was my brothers)
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS lite
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo 2DS
Atari (gotta love old school)

These were all bought over like 6 years.

I used to own a Playstation 2 and 3, but the PS2 broke and I have the PS3 to my brother for his other XBox 360.

I honesty don't know about the company since I actually rarely play video games :\.
Consoles I own:


So because i only have two consoles. It's only between the companies that owns these. Nintendo and Sony....

For PS2
I liked Kinetica, Ratchet and Clank, Tekken 4.

For Gamecube (Not sure which)
I liked Final Fantasy Chronicles, Crash Bandicoot!

So! Since i didn't really play much at Gamecube ( only saw a family member play) . So it's pretty biased... But my favorite is PS2. Kinetica is great! I really like the racing and boost charge stuff. Ratchet and Clank has an awesome storyline. Gameplay is really good too. Tekken 4 by the characters. Lol :C
Currently i downgraded to a xbox 360 i also have a tablet which i play spider-man unlimited and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Chi.
My favorite companies are Square/RockSteady Sega Snk/Playmore, and capcom