What percentage of your collection is Hasbro/TAKARA-TOMY ?

Poll: What is the composition of your Beyblade collection in terms of makers ? The first number is Hasbro, the second is TAKARA-TOMY.

0% Hasbro - 100% TAKARA-TOMY
10% Hasbro - 90% TAKARA-TOMY
20% Hasbro - 80% TAKARA-TOMY
30% Hasbro - 70% TAKARA-TOMY
40% Hasbro - 60% TAKARA-TOMY
50% Hasbro - 50% TAKARA-TOMY
60% Hasbro - 40% TAKARA-TOMY
70% Hasbro - 30% TAKARA-TOMY
80% Hasbro - 20% TAKARA-TOMY
90% Hasbro - 10% TAKARA-TOMY
100% Hasbro - 0% TAKARA-TOMY
Total: 100% 176 vote(s)
* Take the "TAKARA-TOMY" category as including both SonoKong, Funskool and Mani Limited products as well.

Out of nowhere, I was curious about this.

And what are your reasons behind owning more TAKARA-TOMY Beyblades or more Hasbro ones ? Do you simply live outside of East Asia and cannot afford to purchase products online ? Are you unable to wait until Hasbro releases the same products several months later ? Are you a collector and you mostly have rare recolours ? Do you just go for the prices ?

There is no reason to debate on which company is better here.

Also, do not post what Beyblades you own, there is the Beyblade Collection topic for that purpose.
Heh. Hasbro more or less from me. This house is adamant about online spending. Obviously going to Japan for one single toyline would be weak for my mother's reasoning.

I own only two Takara Random Booster Beyblades:

Flame Wolf H145S
Grand Ketos (Female?) T125RS
Hah, second post... I hope.. Tongue_out

75-80% Takara Tomy.

Reason: Epic seller Smile I also am a rare mint-keeping collector.
Seeing as you posted already, I suppose that the poll had not been added yet at that moment ... Now it is there. Choose whatever approximate fits your collection the most.
90% Hasbro. The reason is simple, avaliability and cost. I cant afford to pay for shipping costs, and I could care less about getting the newest beys right away. I will be patient, and wait a year for the new beyblade to come out in a stronger mold.

I would have said 100% Hasbro, if not for my brother and I's Crystal Draciel F.
I have 50% Hasbro beys and 50% of Takara Tomy(including the 4 plastics I have which are all of TT)
60% hasbro and 40% Takara due to how easy it is to get hasbro beys.

Collection amount is more or less 60 beys
Im was like 70% hasbro but as I am kinda big on YouTube and get the new releases. Sold some hasbro. And bought a lot of rares. I'd say 70-80 TT. big change.
About 90% hasbro because I live in the US. 10% Takara because I have a few, but not too many.
Mines 40% Hasbro and 60% Takara. I rarely get Hasbro because there's only beys such as Gravity Destroyer, ray Gil etc. And i usually get mostly Takara since i usually get the lastest releases from TT.
98.5 percent hasbro and 2.5 takra tomy all my beys are hasbr o apart from my reshuffle set
I have every single Hasbro bey to date excluding screw capricorn, ray gil, and the DS beys.

Given that, 20% of my collection are TT.
100% Hasbro because I just started collecting and I live in the States, I have 2 beys. I am trying to talk to a friend of mine that has a store called Anime Imports to get him to start carrying TT boosters. He currently carries action figures, some cosplay items, and TCGs like Magic. So, hopefully I'll have a local vendor soon. Regardless I plan to get some TT beys soon.
all hasbro due to availability but soon i shall get a TT, not shure if i should get lynx, variares, or quetzalcoatl....
I started out buying TakaraTomy for myself because I was able to negotiate a great deal on multiple starters and boosters from buzztoy2007 on eBay. For the 10 or 12 beys it ended up being an average of $6.50 per bey - which was cheaper than buying the Hasbro versions at Target or Walmart at the time - plus I got beylaunchers with some of the starters!

After that it was a question of getting the latest beys to try and become competitive in tournaments, and obviously that meant continuing to buy TakaraTomy or SonoKong.

The small portion of my collection that is Hasbro is basically there because I needed replacement tips: RF and CS.
Interesting Thread... 90% Hasbro. 10% Takara Tomy. It's easier for me to buy locally than buying online. Hahah. Also, I don't even know if some are Takara Tomy... (ex: Random Beyblade Lot In Mail). Ehh...
I'm a Takara blader. Only really cause I don't have a good opinion on Hasbro generally and no shops near me have any recent beys and I don't like waiting a year to get a bey. I've got like 7 hasbro beys since on my holiday to America I went to a toysrus and bought them since I had money to spend and it was cheaper than buying them from here in the UK.
According to my calculations, I have exactly 25% TT beys (4 out of 16 that I own) Smile
Quite obvious reason (exactly what LT13 said)-availability and affordability. Some time ago, I couldn't have imagined that I will have MLD, Galaxy Pegasus and Gravity Perseus. All I thought was my best option is to save for Basalt.
And, since TT beys are obviously more expensive, I only buy those with competitive value (but still, I can't explain my purchase of LDD with that logic :p).
90% Takara Tomy, as by the time my local store has something at the hilariously inflated prices that affect everything in Australia, dimsum2u/AkirasDaddy/ebay sellers have dropped their prices so that even with shipping, it's cheaper to buy from them. Between that and not wanting to wait for ages for hasbro to release something, the numbers of hasbro MFB in my collection is very limited. Plus, the range available when buying in person is much smaller than buying online.

This is just counting MFB, of course.
100% Takara Tomy , no Hasbros in my area
got a hasbro from a friend, so yeah 90% - 10%, TAKARA RULES! (Hasbro is also cool!)
I do have more TT than Hasbro, but I'll say like around 80% range in total of my collection.
I would say about 80% Hasbro and about 20% TAKARA-TOMY
I did a quick TT count out of my 100 or so beys (I believe somewhere in the mid 90s. I don't even use half of my beys, most are just there for collection now, I guess) and about 20 of them are TAKARA or TAKARA-TOMY. The reason is that up until about May, I wasn't able to order anything online whatsoever. My first TAKARA-TOMY bey was Big Bang Pegasis Smile
100% hasbro, because I live in the US and I doubt my parents would let me buy TT beys.