What is yor favorite beyblade burst season?

Which is your favorite and why?
Beyblade Burst Evolution/God because it had the greatest beys that became Major releases and a interesting story.
Chouzetsu. I wasn't really that for a new main character. But then I warmed up to Aiga a bit. He's pretty much a new Valt. Except he's more hot headed XD. Anyways, the Cho Z beys are really cool too!
idk if i have the right opinion or not but imo burst was best. it could just be favouritism

To me, it was really memorable, it's got the best storyline out of the 3.

The characters feel like actual people! They think and feel, act up, and have unique ways of dealing with situations. eg Valt's really pure and viewers empathise. he's kind to others, good sport, when he's happy, we're happy. He's grown on us a lot; when he gets sad or loses, we feel sad for him too. We were disappointed when he was replaced by Aiga (as mc and champion), and I guess that proves my point. The characters are developed well and that's why their our favourites.

His opponents (xhaka lui wakiya zac etc) were hyped up pretty well, it took a long time for valt to beat them, and it felt great to watch him finally win. It would be so exciting to watch his battles but then see him somehow lose to Lui in the end. That made me emotional, ig im a softie or something lmao. Underdog stories are my favourite.

Then there's also a lot of humour and a great soundtrack too, it's a shame it was never released.

God's a good sequel, but not as much development.

In cz, there's not much behind Aiga. He's a sore loser+bad sport who screams out about how he's gonna beat his opponents to complete carp, plus he's rude as hell. The side characters have little to no ACTUAL personality, but i could just be blinded by season 1 lmao. It feels like a quick cash grab to me, but then I guess all of them are.
I'd say Burst and Burst Evolution.
Burst evolution is the best . Other seasons are not as good as evolution . This is because a lot of new characters were being introduced . They all had interesting personalities . And also the characters were handled well enough . It had many wins and many losses with characters constantly improving themselves . Also each character has been well described and utilized . And the top 4 were just amazing . Lui was even more merciless . The character development of free was mind blowing . And shu ..... his character was beyond words . When he was lost i felt anxious , when he became red eye i was confused , when still he lost to lui i was infuriated , when he turned evil it made me mad and when he fought valt and lost to him i almost cried . He admitted that he still considered valt as a friend . That was the power of the character . That was the impact that they had made on the viewers . The characters grew in me and i felt them . But sadly i never felt for the characters in chouzetsu .