What is a beyblade burst bey that has the first letter of your name

(Apr. 10, 2022  4:05 AM)CV339991 Wrote: Can someone tell me ALL the beyblades that start with the letter C

Like deep chaos

Alter Chronos

Just go to the fandom and look at c beys

Btw I'm an A (u probably already knew this but why not)
Hollow Deathscyther, very fitting imo
Blast Jinnius
Judgement Joker
Jail Jormungand
Name starts with Q, so only Quad Quetzalcoatl.
(Apr. 10, 2022  3:32 PM)DeltaZakuro Wrote: Blast Jinnius
Judgement Joker
Jail Jormungand
These beys in that order tell a story.
Also lucky you for having Jormungandr
my real name starts with an L, don't guess it I don't need my identity to be revealed just yet
Name starts with a T so Twin Nemesis.
Name starts with a B:

Dangerous Belial
Dynamite Belial
Divine Belial