What annoys you?

What annoys you when it comes to beyblade? To me, I hate people asking youtubers for beyblades. But what annoys YOU?
I hate kids who launch their beyblade on the ground, and when you give them advises they answer : it can't ruin my bey because it's the best
I hate it when I have done a pm twice to someone telling him to reply and then when he does type in something it has nothing to do with what I asked
For some reason I am really pissed at the walls on the exit of the standard Burst stadium. I cannot tell you how many times a Bey has burated from hitting that other wall; along with that, it sometimes bounces back instead of staying out. It really pisses me especially when it causes me to lose. > : (
When people needlessly cranks their bey launchers when putting their beys in. I've seen it a lot in MFB launchers in YT videos and it's like, what's the point? It doesn't make it more secure.
When people on beyblade videos say "WOW GUD VEDEO, CAN U SUB TO ME PLS"

If you have to promote your channel in someone else's comments, then you probably don't make content worth watching.
Hasbro's beys bursting too easily, Nepstrius is a good example
(Feb. 12, 2017  5:42 PM)Sunburnninja Wrote: Hasbro's beys bursting too easily, Nepstrius is a good example

That is for certain beys, not for all of them. I have Roktavor and he is very anti-burst-prone. (I have no idea what I just did there haha)
Yeah my roktavor dosent burst that much either
When attack types self ko
Weak teeth/slopes. Having different teeth is supposed to make things more balanced but instead just ruins layers.
Stop overcompensating already!
(Feb. 13, 2017  3:13 PM)Sunburnninja Wrote: Yep

Avoid posting one-word messages, as that is considered SPAM and could eventually get you warned.
(Feb. 13, 2017  4:04 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Avoid posting one-word messages, as that is considered SPAM and could eventually get you warned.

Ik, I tried to quote them but failed XD
People who can't use beyblades right. Like when they try to attach it upside down to the launcher or try to stick the end of an inserted ripcord into the beyblade to launch it. I get T R I G G E R E D
The fact I've somehow managed to melt part of the plastic on my long winder orange launcher... Woops?
I hate when people complain about people cranking they're beyblades when attaching them to the launcher, it doesn't harm anyone either way
I hate that Youtuber Boltoms! He sucks!
@[KiddLamy] Neither does many things here but it still manages to be a pet peeve of ours. I find that cranking the launchers wear the launchers down, especially Burst ones, and it doesn't make it any more secure. That's why I think it's annoying anyway.
Mislaunches. I just hate them.
People that take beyblade videos from fellow youtubers & you and then upload them as their own, that is just completely disrespectful considering the effort that goes into the videos.
Compulsive complainers that must force their opinions about how much they hate this or that generation of the franchise because either it's too similar to others or too different from others, in every single line these people write there's the unnecessary little ~opinion~ about how much he/she hates it. My point is, if you don't like it, if it's that bad in your opinion, stop following it, this way you won't be bothered and won't bother whoever likes it.

Of course criticism is a good thing, otherwise we couldn't improve anything, but putting this in every line you write/say/chat is really annoying. I'm saying this because I have a group on facebook and there are some guys that, even when they get something they want, they must complain and find a way of criticizing it just for the sake of it, being really obnoxious.
We should keep this topic about complaints really related to Beyblade though, not about general human behaviours that happen in any context. Global ranting threads never go well, so it is better if we at least focus on Beyblade things specifically. I think hating on humans especially only brews very negative feelings.
(Feb. 14, 2017  10:56 AM)boltoms Wrote: I hate that Youtuber Boltoms! He sucks!

xD nice one! I never would've guessed