What Was Your 1st Opinion on Beyblade?

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To be exact, i 1st saw beyblades on TV... my 1st impression was, stupid top game, nonsense... a few weeks ltr it was my B-day and my mother's friend's daughter bought me 4 beyblades (Dragoon, Dranzer and the other 2 i cant remember) and a stadium... i was like, not this useless thing... but i always act grateful to the gifts i get... we opened the presents and they insist that i try out the beyblades. and they played with me, it was the funnest game i ever played. XD but then next month on the news there was a report of beyblade flying into some1's eye... my mother confiscated them :C
i wasnt old enough to take care of my self, she said -.-''

now, i am old enough, and ima use as much money as i can on Beyblade Metal Fusion, to fill up the missing fun of my childhood, and maybe it will be a gewd hobby for me Tongue_out

by the time i got hold of a HMS bey, they were almost out, i was able to get an advance guardian & a magical monkey...
but then i stupidly lost them T.T''

Muahahahahahahaaha! IMA CLEAR THE STORE OF EVERY Lighting L Drago!!!
T.T'' hope fully winter by the latest, in finland...

EDIT: OMG, i just turned my 1st impression into a life story O.O''
Saw it when I was 12 back in 2002 and thought it was the coolest thing ever.
started watching it when I was 12-13 and instantly fell in love with it. Along with the blades. My first beyblade was a Draciel. then a Dranzer. Still have the Dranzer too x3
lol i 1st saw it at round, 2002 too... i waz 6 Confused
i remember seeing beyblade in 2002 and i love instantly i got my first blade on christmas and me and my friend had battles on a air hockey table i got instead of a stadium i had to wait untill my bday to get a stadium i still got my first bladeSmile
i hated it so much and wanted to kill nelvana and i still do hate it
thats why i joined this forum duuh

no honestly i thought it was AWESOME
I saw the tops in wal-mart and was like "I WANT ONE" unfortunately i didn't think the actual ones came with a launcher i thought that the electronic ones were the only ones that did so i bought one of those first. And i was like 10 before i ever watched the show i couldnt get up early enough to watch it on ABC:Family lol i waited for it to come on toon disney...
I saw it when I was 5 and instantly loved it's spinnyness.....

In all seriousness, I never thought a game on spinning tops could have strategy involved.
Hehe I was it when it came out in use but at that time Yugioh consumed my attention and didn't pay attention to years later and welcome to WBO!
When I first watched the show I loved it. My first blade was a dranzer f or a galzzy 2.
I first watched when I was in middle school. I saw a commercial on ABC Family and got curious. I watched it and loved it. It's cool.

But I didn't get my first blade until years later when G-Revolution came out.
My first is Driger HMS :3 and I still has it.
I was like 7 when I started watching it and I tried so hard to call upon bit beasts and failed but I still enjoyed the show.
I saw the toy ads before the show came out and thought it looked terrible. The ads were super corny. I watched the anime and immediately went out to buy my first bey- spark knight. I remember going to my friends house, assembling it, pulling the winder and feeling like I needed to buy more. None of my friends were as interested in it as me, but thats how I found the online community. I'm not always active, but I love the game more than any other hobby I've been interested in since.
I actually got into it from my parents randomly selecting the game Beyblade G Revolution for the gameboy. Then I started watching the show, and though I didn't know what was happening, I loved it!
Um.....I first watch V-force in 2003, when I was 6.
Fun, but V-force has too much spirits coming out from beyblades...........
i rember seeing it in the tv guide and though hmm a tv series about spining tops this will be lame i wanna laugh at it,watched it and feel in love then did heaps of chores to get the money to buy one and ive loved the game ever since
Man when I first saw beyblade on t.v I thought woah that's so cool and got one instantly and I thought the bit beast could actually come out then my friends brother laughed at me but then I beat him.
Was watching the show when it 1st aired on TV, thought that was really cool, then went and bought some of the blades and started blading with friends etc
It has a great 1st impression on me ^^
(Jun. 11, 2010  10:24 PM)tabs34 Wrote: I thought the bit beast could actually come out then my friends brother laughed at me but then I beat him.
i thought the same thing when i was little one day i was battling my cousin he was using ms hopper blade i think and i was using dragoon g i would always could yell out dragoon and the eg would come on and i would winJoyful_2 the funny thing is it only came on when i yelled out its name but i didnt last long since my parents told me to shut upPinching_eyes
I thought it was pretty average. I was 13-14 and already into anime at this point I thought was the same as most other anime I watched, big bad comes along wants to take over the world but instead of fighting with guns, swords, fists or giant robots they would beat each other with spinning tops that just happend to hold the spirits of giant bloody animals inside them. The game was more appealing the anime just kinda grew on me over time and was something to watch on the weekend.
I thought it was cool, I was 4-5 years old... I would always got over to my cousin's house and bring my beyblades, he had a stadium and all that... he was obssesed... but know he's 16, i'm 13, and if he knew I still liked it he would laugh at me...... BUT BEYBLADE STILL ROCKS!
I first got into it back in 2002. I was about 6 years old at the time. I was at a family BBQ and one of my cousins had one. I thought it was the coolest thing ever so I went to buy one that very same day.Master Draciel was the one I bought
I got into Beyblade when I was about nine or ten and I was curious when I first heard about it but was unsure about whether to give it a try because I thought it would be a fleeting fad like Pokemon cards had been at my school. It wasn't long before I got my first Beyblade though; little did I know about the big fan I would become. Here I am now almost a decade on and I still love it!
when the first and last beyblade series came out I was in another country. But I did watch and finish them all in febuary I think.
i saw for the first time 4 years ago i saw it in english