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I was about 15 or so when Beyblade started airing on US TV in 2002. It might've been early 2003, but you know.. give or take. I wasn't into it at first. I knew it aired on TV in the morning, and was getting some attention, but I had other anime that I preferred watching. I thought it was weird, childish, and kinda pointless, with somewhat bad animation. Then slowly, I started watching episodes now and again before school, and within a few weeks I was really into it. By the time V-Force started up I was hooked, as were most of my friends. D; The rest is history.
When i first saw the original Beyblade show on T.V. for the first time i thought it was so awesome so i bothered my dad to buy me one and my first beyblade was a Dranzer and i also got the Dranzer stadium Grin
well i was round about 4 years old and i got my first beyblade but it was fake.when i was round about 11 i was watching a cartoon channel and i saw beyblade it look kinda cool .started lookin up vids then bought a driger g hasbros version.oh yeah then i quick because my blade brok so that was for a year the i started blading like a mouth ago.,
I was roughly 5 yrs old when I got my first beyblade I cried my eyes out for my parents to get me a Wolborg, once i got that I became a beyblade addict and kept getting my parents to buy me more beyblades.
Whenever my friends came over I'd ask them to bring their beyblades so we could play it was so fun haha.
Though eventually and I dont remember when this happened but whenever i search my house i can't find a beyblade, just a bit chip for my original Wolborg, ahh memories.
The thing that had me interested was and this is through my 5 yr old eyes: Stuff spinning and Huge Monsters coming out of the Stuff spinning, good times.
it was great i started watching v-force and was hooked. my first blade was the first driger sadly ive lost everything of it but the bit chip one time i battled a friend with an hms and he used the same driger when my blade hit his drigers ar broke and a piece hit right above my eye pay bk i guess
I started watching it when I was 7yrs, my impression was like woah thats cool! My first ones were Dragoon Storm/v2 Dranzer and Dranzer (last model evolution) but I threw it away =___=''''
when i first saw beyblade i fell in love with it instantly.i was very young ,about 4 when i saw beyblade.i had the exact opposite first impression of the show from death taurus.
I first saw beyblade at age 7 and thought " I WANT ONE!!" as all 7 year-olds do, so I begged my grandma for one. I was 8 when I first got a bump king. I loved that bey, but it's AR and BB died battling a Gazzly, and I've hated Gazzly ever since.
Tbh, my first thought was "Pokemon rip off" but i stuck with it and realised "Hey, this better than Pokemon"
Oh Man, The first two episodes, i was kinda lost (I was 7, sue me) But after, I got into it. Would ask for beyblades, face my bro, face our neighbours down the hall...At school I was the only girl, but somehow got in a team with two other guys. People underestimated me, but in the end, I kicked their @$$!! Grin
i was like 5. i fell in love with dranzer Smile but me only being 5 over 90% of my collection was fake
I was 6 and all the kids in my school were playing so I went with the wave.months later it wasn´t so popular so never played again Unhappy.But now I´m back for the mfb Grin.and I bought a few,so much fun!!!
my whole neighborhood started watching it when we were in elementary school. we all loved it and we made neighborhood teams Pinching_eyes my first bey was metal ball defence draciel
I can't remember my first reaction when I saw it for the very first time on tv but I still like it now and is still one my of my favourite shows (the original 3 seasons of beyblade). Right now I'm watching the 3 seasons on you tube because I forgot most of the story but now some parts come back to me and it's still funny and exciting. Like the time Tyson was at the buffet in Las Vegas when Ray said "For goodness sake Tyson use a fork." and then Kenny said "or better yet use a shovel." (beyblade season 1, episode 25)
My bro saw back when he was 13 and he thought it was dumb until i bought some and he thought it was awesome. Even now he was excited about it coming back outSmile
I liked it right away, but when I saw MFB I thought it sucked because the first time I saw it , it was an Electronic one. It looked so bulky and ugly that I was turned off by it. Realizing that it was not the actual bey, I started to like it Smile
liked it from plastic, got hooked, and haven't been able to get it out of my head even with the lapse between HMS anf MFB, what was it, 4 years?
I got my first beyblade when I was around 11 yrs. old. I got it as a birthday gift because my friends had all been playing them, so they got me nad my brother into it. He had friends who played it too. I watched the anime with my friends after that and ever since I've enjoyed it alot. I don't remember my first bey, and I lost all of my old beyblades. 2 years ago i found a beyblade at a local store called ShopKo for $3 and I bought one. It was Dranzer S. It's the only one of the old plastics I still have. Just ordered some more though, so i'm super excited. Now i'm re-watching the animes and reading the mangas, and i'm buying the new beys and stadiums and just getting salot more into it than i did as a kid. =)
I saw the anime in 2002 (when they first aired it in English) and it was the bit beasts that got me into beyblade lol
it was the coolest thing i had ever seen first giant beast coming out of tops second toys i thought i can control them by screaming drigger duck down i spent hours trying to control that thing
i saw the old version and i knew it would be way cooler if it was metal and know here it is. i had learned alot about beyblades till know.
when i fist saw the old version i seriously thought it was cool and i thought it would be way cooler if it was metal and here it is. i have always loved it and ive learned a lot about beyblade!!!
(Aug. 24, 2010  8:44 PM)xer-ultra Wrote: i saw the old version and i knew it would be way cooler if it was metal and know here it is. i had learned alot about beyblades till know.
when i fist saw the old version i seriously thought it was cool and i thought it would be way cooler if it was metal and here it is. i have always loved it and ive learned a lot about beyblade!!!

they had full metal design back then too btw. its just in certain toy stores which are not licensed by TT. (i happen to have bought them, PWNED everyone but of course wbo rules is illegal)
(Jun. 19, 2010  12:23 AM)naru1313 Wrote: I thought it was cool, I was 4-5 years old... I would always got over to my cousin's house and bring my beyblades, he had a stadium and all that... he was obssesed... but know he's 16, i'm 13, and if he knew I still liked it he would laugh at me...... BUT BEYBLADE STILL ROCKS!

ya, same with me if anybody at my school found out my rep would be shredded, this is like my dark secret, cause I'm the starting QB and defensive wing (soccer) (fall), the all star point guard (winter), and a pretty decent pitcher (spring) and track and field rep
My first experience was like yugioh. Whats with all these japanese kids. I was 8 in 2004 when i went to a friends house in auburn, alabama. their was like 9 kids playing it in 1 tiny stadium so i borrowed one from a kid and whooped but. I was so BA and i was 8. Then i stopped playing them cause they weren;t in stores anymore. Now i just saw the new show and got interested. Bought a beyblade and now im addicted looking on the internet for stadiums that dont have 20$+ shipping cause their frmo japan and buying those launchers the people use in t.v shows. Oh yeah, my rep would also be ruined. Only one of my friends know.
I think i was like 5-7 and I liked it cuz of the bit-beast lol, and I remember saying go dragoon!