What Makes A Top Tier?

I think a top tier should be good in it's class WHILE being able to be well versatile with other beys
Hell is in Tier 2, it stays there
Hell is in tier-2, but it can lose to other kinds of it's own, basing on what you said izuma inzori, top-tier's are the best of it's class and the best bey to use to beat the other class.(am i right?) so it means, hell on defense, can still lose to attack types, so it's not considered a top-tier since there is basalt that can have higher win rating to attack types than hell.(unless tier's are the beys that are capable of winning tourneys, but with that it should depend on where you live, your opponents etc.) Hell on stamina is kinda outclassed in our metagame, but again it depends on where you live, some countries like the Philippines don't have season 3 beys yet allowed in the tourneys. So most people used HellWD as a stamina, but Basalt came out and more people used basalt 230 CS as a stamina wherein in other places they use it as defense. saying that maybe tiers are the best of it's kind or the one that has the higher winning percentage to the weaker class of it's compared to it's same class like StormRF outclassed to VulcanRF. Wait did you get what i meant? Onother example: Here in the Philippines, we used HellF/RF as our attack type that can beat Basalt230 acting as a stamina, but other bey with 85,90,100 tracks can't be knockout that often by hellRF/F. So i guess top-tier combos our based on where you live, and they are called so because they can win tourneys, maybe that's what makes a top-tier combo. If what i said is correct or at least makes sense then maybe Chaos Blader's message was correct.