What Beyblades And Accessories Are You Looking To For?

Hello World Bey Bladers Smile

Every blader wants something they cant get, Either its rare or its just too expensive. We are all one big community and we must pull together to help make each ovas dreams come true!
So if you have a blade U want to buy enter it on this topic with how much you would pay for it at the very max. U never know if somebodi else has wot ur lookin for!! Smile POSTPOSTPOST
Every HMS beyblade for as cheap as they can go. Wink
We have a thread for this already.
I think there was a thread like this called Beyblade Wishlist..

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I remmber beyblade beiing much cheaper like about 8-12 dollars no more but then there are different launcher so it should be 8-15 dollars.
Use the Beyblade Wishlist.