[Wellington New Zealand] Any bladers

hey how old are you guys? i would be interested in attending this also. pm me
(Nov. 12, 2010  3:03 AM)chodboy Wrote: hey how old are you guys? i would be interested in attending this also. pm me

im 18, dunno how old everyone eles is
hahaha 14 most of my friends think beyblade is still like the lame old days where they're slow moving and barely ever hit each other. But Metal Fusion's changed all that Smile
I'm 17.
mrlooneyman: Rayjin is older he's like 24.

@thread: I don't think this is happening.
No i don't think it is sadly but would still go if it was on
Just wanted to let everyone know i wont be organizing this anymore (although it doesnt look like its going anywhere) i have fully given up on beyblade now after what i saw at work today. Although this game is enjoyable and a good hobby for children, seeing kids parents stealing beyblades from the super vortex set for there children is quite depressing, i understand its a sort after xmas gift ect but that doesnt excusse that sort of behavior nor experess the point of this game which is to have fun and make new friends.

My intrest in this hobby has been dying since i joined on here with the lack of people within my area to play agaisnt then the personal dissapointment within this thread and the lack of intrest showen after i announced that i would not be able to afford as much prizes as i wished to get. Which to me shows alot of people were just in this to try and win prizes and with the lack of odds in reciving a prize they stopped posting and did not reply to my pm regarding this tournement i wanted to get started.

But what i saw today was the final straw and i cannot put time into this game anymore, i have hobbys i enjoy alot more then beyblade such as gunpla and arcade gaming.

Although if anyone wants to keep trying with this they are welcome to and if someone gets something started i probley wouldnt mind helping out or competeing.

Also to all the mods thank you for all your hard work on this site i realy did enjoy it but its just time for me to move on from this game. Also if zephyr gets something going hes a trust worthy guy Wink

This will probley be my last post ever on this site unless questions are posted on my sales thread

So farwell to everyone, may every member on this site find happiness in there lifes and thanks to all the members for everything
wow, thats sad =(
damn, i really wan't to battle people, just for fun don't care about prizes
email armageddon expo and request a tourney!!!
NZ blader right here im in! < got two others ill tell them phillip weetman and edmund weetman kk.
I wanna join but im in Christc
i would but i live in Christchurch so anybody talk if u wanna at Christchurch>Tongue_out
yay another chch blade Smile so i can have a tournamentSmile i'm sop happySmile
(Dec. 15, 2010  10:34 AM)clankzappah Wrote: email armageddon expo and request a tourney!!!

old post just read it now but, auckgeddon had a little beyblade area filled with mostly kids theyre likely to have the same thing at wellygeddon this year if theres any space for it, since wellygeddon is mostly filled with stores compared to auckgeddon since the venune isnt as large
meh im intrested in a Tournament lol i have a few blades 7. 3 kick but Pinching_eyes_2