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@SolGloActivator: No, not yet, I'm gonna see if it's letting me do it right now.
@ Luck: If it's not too much, could you add a section of the forum for model kits, scale model R/C vehicles and such?
I'm gonna need some confirmation on the exact name you'd want me to call it, but once i Know, yeah sure.
^^^ Still un-aswered btw.
In other news:
The skins are done.
OK. I'm kicking this site back into gear.
I need one good, active member to be a moderator.
I will turn your offer down if I do not think you are adequate.
If you are a respected member, and known better, and have been active for a long time, the chances are, you will straight a way get the spot.
I am also introducing a reward system as soon as I find out how.
Dan Dan Daaaaaa !
What's that?
An upgrade?
Yes, I have already, but still am, significantly upgrading the WHF to... 2.0? Nah, I feel like I'm just following in the footsteps of the WLPaA if I call it that XD
But you see my point, no?
Upgrades = good?
You = Join?
= become mod if you're good and active?
NEWS: I changed OP;
(Sep. 09, 2012  5:29 PM)Luck Wrote: THIS WEBSITE WAS HACKED . SO I BOUNCED BACK . (ISH)

New link ;

Join , have fun .
It's pretty free at the moment , help needed . Smile
What shows that it's been hacked?

I can't access the site from a bug on my computer, so could describe it to me?
Oh , no ; it's fine .
It was just a huge glitch in the MyBB system .
Link to previous ;