[WORLDWIDE] Team: Dark Hounds

1. Please no cursing
 2. No spam
3.Try to not get into arguments 
4. Be polite
5. Listen to the leader or moderates if they tell you to stop doing something 
6. Have a great time

To Apply
PM me the following 
1. The state and country you live in
2. A fake or real name
3. Reason
4. If you won a tournament in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place



You will get promoted on the: Amount of activity, respect, sportsmanship, and amount of tournaments you win after you joined the group. Your rank will be shown below and I will PM you when you get promoted.
Iron Gears-leader

If you are interested in becoming a moderator you will be chosen by your sportsmanship, respect, and attitude.

If you are warned by a leader or moderator 3 times you will be kicked from the team

If you are the first to join in your country you might become a branch leader
Branch leaders

U.S.A-Iron Gears
Is this thread gonna die?
Keep at it. Your persistence will pay off☺