WBO Organized Play Rule Updates September 2017 – D/D2 Unbanned, BST KO Ruling Update

yes!!!!!!!!! i love D2

yes!!!!!!!!! i love D2

yes!!!!!!!! I LOVE D2

yes!!!!!!!! I LOVE D2
Of course my neighbor broke my D2 on the black part by launching on top of it... It's not like I participate in tournaments anyways (cries)

I love you D2! ew kD
(Sep. 18, 2017  7:36 PM)Kei Wrote:
(Sep. 18, 2017  8:13 AM)FIREFIRE CPB Wrote: just wondering would coating launcher's internals with lubricent like WD-40 would be legal or not? as we are taking about modifications of launcher. From my experince it makes Burst launcher so much more easier to use if they are spayed with little WD-40

Coating the inside of launchers with lubricant is currently illegal and falls under our "foreign substances" rule in every rulebook. However, this is something we have been meaning to consider and have discussed in the past, so we will try to come to a decision on it for our next update.

I personally don’t think lubricating launchers moving parts and gears with string launcher LR should be illegal.
1) it helps it run better and smoother.
2) in String LR it helps prevent the string jamming up and not returning to the launcher after a launch, because of the high amount of gears in the launcher design.

3) it reduces ware and tare to the launcher and  preserves the launcher for longer. So it won’t be required to replace the launchers as often and there are some who can’t afford to replace launchers as often.

So basically what I’m trying to say from engineering prespective is that every moving part on the launcher should be lubricated to reduce ware and tear and to make it work better.

Also should consider about allowing to lubricate some moving mechanisms on beyblade parts them self like for example Reboot drive as by lubricating the moving parts of it makes the driver perform as it should and keeps it from jamming due to friction of plastics, another example gV layer with its rebound gimmick by lubricating the 2 moving parts on the layer it makes the rebound more effective due to fact that it reduces friction, and one more example is kD layer with its moving claw.

Thanks hope you consider it Smile