Virtual tournament II: spring edition. Videos on thursday and sunday

Registration is now closed, thanks to everyone! Bracket in

Earlier I held a tournament where people were free to choose their beys and made youtube series about it: . It wasn't perfect, so this time there has been changes and there will propably be different partitions, but always battle first. Last times problems: if someone had first match with his counter, he was out. There were way too many same parts (looking at you atomic) and almost all were stamina beys. Also no banlist. So this time:

1) The tournament is double elimination. No more one loss outs
2) ALL layers and drivers must be unique. (discs can be same, also frames)
3) There will be 8 beys. 2 attack, 2 stamina, 2 defence and 2 "balance" (if there isn't true balance beys registered then they will be from other categories.) Obciously the beys will be chosen at random. I already held a small drawing to people who participated in first tournament thread or followed my youtube, so these parts are taken:beat kukulcan 7 vortex zeta (balance),  Spriggan requiem 7 bump bearing (stamina), maximum garuda 5 cross revolve (stamina). So in reality there is now room for 2 attack, 2 defence and one balance bey.
4) This time there will be a schedule, fight every thursday and sunday
4) banned: requiem spriggan can't change spinning direction between battles and maximum garuda can't use mold chip that is my newest list of beyblades. I will be choosing contestants by the luck of draw. Ones listed in red are not available because they were chosen in predraw.

So, I will need this information from you: (Bey names in full names, not in shortened form, SEND PM)
1) top layer. If it has multiple modes tell me what is you preferred mode, but you can change this between battles by PMng me.
2) disc (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 gravity, heavy, oval, spread, upper, vertical, wing and yell can be used by multiple people since I have many of them)
3) if you have god layer, choose what kind of chip you want: regular, mold or iron. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS PER BATTLE, just contact me in time before your next match. If you don't choose anything it will be regular.
4) if you have god disc, choose your frame. I have multiples of bump, glaive, meteor,vortex and star. If you choose one of these, you can switch to other one of these between battles. It doesn't matter if you use those or unique once, you can also choose to go without frame. PM me early.
5) choose your driver. If it has multiple modes tell me what is you preferred mode, but you can change this between battles by PMng me.
6) since one bey can use multiple parts that are for different use, tell what category you would put your bey and why
7) OPTIONAL send instructions how to launch your bey. I recommend doing this before every battle.
8) The drawing will take ONE week.

Winners get to choose their avatars if they want (they can be short clips) and winning screens too. If they want to

Filming angle will be between 2-3 because that what people voted in you can still change this.

You can ask me anything in this thread OR in pm OR
Not a lot of people yet, one defence type and one still uncertain one, just informing people what chaces they have with each type.
Okay, there seems to be two defence types now, because its random you might get in with defence type but safest bet would be attack or balance Wink lots of attack parts left
one attack bey added, now really safest bets are one attack and one balance type. But it up to draw if people have taken same parts...
Hmm, people have been choosing beys really evenly, now its only up to final defence/stamina bey (its kinda mixed with few). You can choose otherwise but thats the easiest way to get in, if you don't happen to choose the other guys parts which is pretty unlikely.
Wow I can’t believe I won! Good battle Sampo!
Its still thursday on some parts of the world... I'm so busy on weekedn I have to film it before
Sundays video, next video on thursday
This time with a new segment! how did you like it? and who do you think is going to win the next battle?

third video was accidentally set as hidden on youtube ;_;
Twin nemesis with iron=crazy spintime
THis is late, but checkout the slowmo at 1:54!
Videos will be delayed since I will film them with a partner this weekend :3
(Apr. 26, 2018  5:03 PM)Gaeryc Wrote: Videos will be delayed since I will film them with a partner this weekend :3

So, videos will resuma on thusrday and there wukk be no dekays
If there are errors I spent whole night editing this
I still don't know who won. The score was 4-2 for spriggan requiem, yet you continued on
(May. 04, 2018  3:48 PM)RichieBoi Wrote: I still don't know who won. The score was 4-2 for spriggan requiem, yet you continued on

Yeah I could have made it more clear. The winner is the one who gets more points in two rounds if I have friend with me, in first round it was a tie so I showed spriggan winning that round, but if you look at the score it was a tie. Hard to make video about ties.

In the second round I changed beys with my fiend and she dominated requiem, so if the first round was a tie and second was a clear victory then its a victory for beat kukulcan. I always calculate winner from lots of rounds but I cant show them all. I dont know how I could have showed tie for the first round :UncertainI could just film few rounds and determine winner from there, but it would really be up to chace.

Next video, highlight is the best part of video because it was so even
no video today ;_; vistitmi doctor took forecer even if knew the wholetime it was an invented eye
Next one wins.... and is the strongest god bey to me