Virgo DF145BS

Virgo article is up.

Comments, suggestions? I'm not entirely sure if what I said about DF145 was totally accurate, so any suggestions for changes are welcome should they be required.

I've got a new Virgo on the way, so when it arrives, I'll add some photos.
For anybody who is planning on writing MFB articles in the future; it is vital that you read this post about MFB article formatting.
Quote: however, despite their appearance, they offer any effective [[Upper Attack]].

Don't you mean "they don't offer any effective Upper Attack"?
(Aug. 15, 2009  6:08 AM)Tempestas007 Wrote: Don't you mean "they don't offer any effective Upper Attack"?

Ah, yes, that is what I meant. Was re-wording it before it was published. I'll fix it.
Added a picture of the RBV2 Virgos to the article.
The article looks good Kei! I think you have all the important information there. Smile
Updated slightly.

Added the photos Valentin took finally, and also re-worded the Virgo description a bit so that it is no longer proclaimed the best Stamina Wheel currently available.