Unique Wobble Smasher

BP: Whatever's tightest, have your pick
AR: DJ [can't recall name]
WD: Circle Heavy
RC: Spring Core [Einstein MS]

Spin: Left

I remember using this combo a lot just because it was something different. There's a small smash attack on the underside of DJ's AR when in left spin, but I never saw another combo exploit it. If I remember correctly, this blade wobbles quickly and smashes.

I have most of the 1st series of HMS, the only few non character HMS I have are Averazer, SDMS, MAMS, and er...the one that sparks. Haha. And I have very limited CWD knowledge.
With the parts you have right now, it seems fine as it is, although I'd much rather just stick with a standard smasher for overall better performance. Gimmick combos are still fun, but just aren't as good and reliable in battle.

If you get more blades, do try Samurai Changer's CWD, with the ramps facing down for force smash attack and just use any of the heavy ARs (Samurai Upper, Jiraiya Blade, etc).
Jiraiya MS AR should also do good for just smash (in either direction), replacing DJ Spiker in your original combo.