[Unanswered]  would this harm the bey?

I tried and an experiment and thought to put a hair/elastic/rubber band around the bey in between the disk and layer  just for fun to see if it would prevent the burst beys from bursting so i could battle my plastics on equal footing, and indeed it does decrease the chance almost to nil of it bursting, but wondered if it would cause stress and mostly what parts in theory.
It might since it prevents it from doing it natural thing which is bursting
I'm assuming the same as mj9 as the bey wouldn't carry out its natural function also lets say u use a rubber band, it may contract and press parts inwards damaging them that way.
yeah I'd assumed that as well since essentially it is going against function and purpose, the only thing that comes to mind is the driver getting damaged in some way and tbh the main part I care not to get damage is the layer but with the band it doesn't come into contact with the notches I'm guessing or its held firmly in place, if anything I'd the fake drivers to play battles. I just see video about super gluing blades and I'm just heck noooo