[Unanswered]  Which is better - Absorb or Bearing?

I am trying to debate which one but I honestly can't tell. I will be using it for a defense/stamina combo.
absorb and bearing are pretty well matched imo, bearing has more stamina and lad but could leave a bey vulnerable to bursting, however if you use cho z spriggan or Pheonix bearing wouldn't be any risk, the answer lies in what combo you are using, absorb for burst resistance and mobility while bearing for stamina and lad
Absorb is pretty good. If you launch it hard enough, it goes around the stadium fast like an attack type, and has more burst resistance than bearing. However bearing is the best driver for pure stamina ever. Unless your using Hasbro bearing, then it is harder to burst than Takara.
I say bearing because of the good LAD it has and stays in the center
I say Bearing is better
(Jun. 15, 2019  5:48 AM)CaptainMystery Wrote: I say Bearing is better

Thats true